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2013-548 10Oct13  US debt default ceiling.
Pointing out the dire consequences if the American government were to default on their debt. payments.
2013-543 7Oct13  Painting themselves into a corner.
The supply bill impasse threatening to cause the US to default on their debt.
2013-495 18Sept13 The American flag today.
The culture of gun violence in America.
2013-174 19April13  Democracy in America.
Commenting on how the National Rifle Association was able to shaft tighter gun legislation even though the vast majority of the American public were in favour of it.
2013-167 16April13  The ultra marathon.
The battle to win the war on terrorism going to be a very long one.
2013-166 16April13  Treating the Boston marathon wounded.
Using the Boston marathon bombing as a segue to highlight the savage injuries inflicted on many of the US soldiers who fought in the Iraq war.
2013-038 218Jan13  Media coverage of Obama's gun control initiative.

Aggressive campaigning against Obama's gun control initiative by the National Rifle Association