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2012-745 17Dec12 The American flag today.
The almost daily occurrence of shooting massacres in America.
2012-652 6Nov12  Flying the American flag today.
the impact of hurricane Sandy on America.
2012-638 31Oct12  Finding religious common ground in New York.
A look at how adversity can bring people of different religious faiths together.
2012-639 31Aug12  Mickey mouse Imperial stormtrooper,
Comic look at Disney buying Lucasfilm, the owner of the Star Wars franchise.
2012-633 30Oct12 The mother of all Mary Poppins.
Hurricane Sandy hitting New York.
2012-619 25Oct12  Lance Armstrong's career speed hump.
Lance Armstrong's drug taking disgrace.
2012-426 23July12  Gun control in America.
Spate of shooting massacres in America augmented by its liberal gun laws.
2012-304 23May12  The Facebook share float bubble.
The Facebook share float fell well short of expectations.