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2009-697 7Dec09  Yet another birdie for Tiger Woods.
Golfer Tiger Woods beset by sexual scandals.
2009-507 27Aug09  The grassy knoll of time.
The death of Edward Kennedy.
2009-408 15July09  Drive through service.
Two US States allowing people to carry firearms in bars.
2009-363 26June09  Bubbles' friend has died!
Death of Michael Jackson with reference to his pet, Bubbles the chimpanzee.
2009-307P 2June09  General Motors crash test dummies.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about General Motors filing for bankruptcy.
2009-240 1May09   Dining out in Mexico.
More on the swine flu outbreak.
2009-236 30April09  Barack Obama's juggling act.
The incredible difficulties confronting President Barack Obama.
2009-225P 27April09  Swine flu waiting room.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico.
2009-223 27April09 Pigs can't fly but they can flu.
Quirky look at the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico.
2009-062 9Feb09  Return to protectionism.
Rye look at America's slide towards protectionism and China's penchant CD and DVD piracy.
2009-020 20Jan09  The latest white US president.
Barack Obama facing a doubting task to turn around the American economy.
2008-700 5Dec08  Crashed car industry to support.
Desperate of of the US car industry.