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2008-659 18Nov08  American reality TV.
Dire economic situation in America.
2008-646 10Nov08  US Treasury piggy bank.
Barrack Obama inheriting a treasury with serious financial problems.
2008-634 30Oct08  The winds of change in America.
Prospect of the first African American in history to become the President of the United States.
2008-585 2Oct08  Handing over the package.
Questioning how the seven billion dollar US
financial sector bailout package is going to be funded.
2008-583 1Oct08  Say, buddy, can you spare a dime?
Planned massive bailout of the US finance sector.
2008-580 30Sept08  Financial sector expressed as a trapeze act.
Congress' decision not to fund the bailout of failed
financial institutions causes the stock market to free fall.
2008-566 25Sept08  The economic recovery rail.
The bail out of large US finance Institutions but not bailing out individual
housing loan defaulters.  Welfare for the large and rich but not the small and poor.
2008-562 23Sept08  Stormy seas.
The convergence of the falling stock market and the rising price of oil.
2008-559 22Sept08  The American Eagle today.
America's debt crisis.
2008-551 18Sept  Stock market trade towers.
US Stock Market in dire straits.
2008-393 14July08  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
The two largest home finance companies in America on the brink of collapse.
2008-305 4June08 Declaring the Democratic presidential nomination winner.
The bloody and prolonged battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.
2008-218 30April08  The Statue of Liberty today.
Speculating that part of America's current economic woes
are a result of the massive economic drain of the Iraq war.
2008-086 26Feb08  Shock and awe in America.
Rising support for Barack Obama, who if elected president
will become the first coloured president of the United States.
2008-064 15Feb08  The part of the American economy that's still booming.
Spate of gun massacres in the US in the past few weeks.
2008-007 23Jan08  The Federal Reserve throwing off the gloves.
The US Federal Reserve's attempt to boost the
economy by lowing the interest rate by .75%.