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2007-692   Aussie spirit of Christmas.
Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah and Eid-al-Adha.

2007-775 14Dec07  Failing sex education.
Wry look at the importance of sex education.
2007-754 5Dec07 The democratic process in some countries.
Military control of the democratic process becoming
increasingly common in some parts of the world.
2007-741 30Nov07   Answer - A protest movement.
A look at the controversy that surrounds the genetic modification of food.
2007-696 9Nov07  When it's definitely time to give up gambling.
Negative impact of gambling.
2007-659 23Oct07  Today's body image.
Contrasting the body image of catwalk models with that of the general public.
2007-601P 20Sept07  Teacher's pet today.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on security
measures to protect teachers from violent students.
2007-572 10Sept07  APEC shirts.
A look at President Putin's penchant for not wearing a shirt.
2007-564 6Sept07  I think it stands for 'Made in China'.
More recalls of Chinese toys because of safety problems.
2007-537 24Aug07  The consultation process today.
Increasing tendency by governments to use a pseudo
consultation process to rubber stamp their programs.
2007-514 16Aug07  Al Qaeda torture manual for fund managers.
Quirky look at the fear arising from the stock market downturn.
2007-455 19July07  Drugs in sport.
Quirky look at the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport.
2007-486 3Aug07  The generation gap today.
The rising level of obesity in the younger generation.
2007-485 2Aug07 Modern scales of justice.
How the media is used to distort and manipulate cases before the courts.
2007-478 30July07  Modern version of The Last Supper.
A look at over eating through Leonardo da Vinci's painting The Last Supper.
2007-460 23July07  All is not well.
Publication of the last book in the Harry Potter
series.  "All was well" is the last sentence of that book.
2007-433 9July07  The Seven Wonders of the World.
The Bush government's obsession with oil.
2007-422 4July07  The arms race.
The potential global catastrophe posed by the arms race.
2007-415 2July07  The jet set.
International flavour of terrorism.
2007-348 5June07  Future fossil museum.
A reflection on man's follies in the 21st century
and how we might be viewed in the future.
2007-346 4June07  New technology protest.
Comment on those who protest about the introduction of new technology.
2007-337 31May07  Morality today.
The seeming indifference by much of the world to the carnage in the Middle East.
2007-328P 25May07 Why geeks like computers.
Pocket cartoon drawn for article on a computer games convention.
2007-319 24May07  Would you like to upsize?
Rising obesity, especially amongst teenagers.
2007-318 23May07  One thousand bills you must pay before you die.
Satirical look at the one thousand things
you must see/read/do before you die books.
2007-274 7May07  There goes the neighbourhood!
Esoteric look and snobbishness and petty racism.
2007-135 6Mar07  A view of women today.
Contrasting the image of women promulgated by
the fashion industry and the reality for many women.