global environmental

2008-603 17Oct08  Environmental collapse.
Pointing out that environmental collapse will be much more devastating than economic collapse.
2008-524 4Sept08  Carbon emissions tax exemptions.
Lobbying by interest groups to have parts of the economy exempt from the carbon emissions tax.
2008-532 9Sept08  Greenhouse gas reductions.
Inadequate greenhouse gas reduction targets.
2008-416 22July08  Man climbs back into the trees.
An somewhat esoteric look at impending rising sea levels  due to  global warming.
2008-387 11July08  Greenhouse emission reduction targets.
Most countries that have set greenhouse are failing to meet them.
2009-518 1Sept09  Boxing today.
2008-371 7July08  The water allocation Scales of Justice.
The water allocation process is often not fair.
2008-369 4July08 Officialdom responding to global warming.
Inadequate response by most governments to global warming.
2008-361 1July08  Carbon emissions trading scheme graph.
Confusion and indecision about how to set up a carbon emissions trading scheme.
2008-345P 24June08 Super environmentally friendly petrol.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story on Caltex calling for people to use less petrol.
2008-316 11June08  Retrospectively fitted hybrid car.
Petrol electric hybrid cars.
2008-298 2June08  The new Cold War.
Global warming expressed as a reference to the Cold War.
2008-288 28May08  Desert islands.
Speculating on the future for motorists without an abundant oil supply.
2008-259 16May08 Cloud over solar power.
The powerful coal lobby allegedly stifling the emerging solar power industry.
2008-270 21May08  Not sure about global warming.
Denial about global warming despite overwhelming evidence.
2008-227 5May08  Treasure map today.
Water becoming increasingly valuable.
2008-219 1May08  The globe isn't warming.
Global warming and the cooling of the economy.
2008-198 21April08  Environmental campaigns.
Government dragging it's feet when tackling environmental problems.
2008-157 4April08  Mother nature.
Musing that Mother Nature might be harsh and unforgiving rather than nurturing.
2008-152 3April08  Reality TV today.
Global warming causing widespread drought.
2008-151 2April08  The real estate market that is cooling.
Falling Real estate markets and global warming.