global economic

2007-783 17Dec07  Exposed to the sub prime mortgage market.
The impact of the sub prime mortgage market collapse on small investors.
2007-607 2Oct07  Modern Three Little Pigs.
A look at mortgage stress through the Three Little Pigs tale.
2007-593 18Sept07  Credit card size.
Large and ever increasing credit card debt.
2007-520 17Aug07  Stock market roller coaster.
The bumpy ride of the stock market in recent times.
2007-483 1Aug07  The lurking submarine.
The crisis in the US subprime mortgage market and it's potential impact on the world economy.
2007-471P 26July07  Paying off your mortgage.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the high percentage
of total household income going to pay off the mortgage.
2007-440 12July07  Company bankruptcy domino effect.
A look at the impact on small investors when a company collapses.