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2020   July to December

October  2020

2020-351P  Tax and JobKeeper cuts.
Went with article on the social impact of planned cuts to the JobKeeper payment.
2020-353P  Remembering the class of 2020.
Went with an article on a ban on school class photos due to coronavirus pandemic.
2020-345  Assisting the elderly.
Superannuation tax breaks more generous than the pension.
2020-344P  Coronavirus lockdown wedding cake.
Went with article about weddings during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.
2020-343P  Federal budget piggybank.
Went with article about the upcoming federal budget.
2020-339P  Climate solutions survey.
Went with article about climate solutions survey.
2020-340P  Coronavirus distancing compliant mosh pit.
Went with article about live music gigs during the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.
2020-337 Steps towards a coronavirus free world.
Steps towards ending the coronavirus pandemic not straight forward.
2020-334P  UV rates are low.
Went with article warning people about rising Ultraviolet levels as we head towards summer.
2020-335P  On the open road today.
Went with article about grey nomads caravanning locally due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

September  2020

2020-333  Revoking responsible lending laws applied to mice.
On the Federal government revoking introduced responsible lending laws.
2020-332P Only a small cut.
Went with article about the economic and social impact on the unemployed of the cut to the JobSeeker payment.
2020-331P  What do you want to do when you grow up?
Went with article about children’s life prospects being curtailed due to the coronavorusu pandemic.
2020-327P  Coronavirus pandemic era wedding.
Went with article on the difficulty of getting married during the conronavirus pancemic lockdown.
2020-326  The feeling that our opinions are being manipulated.
Facebook and Google controlling what users see.
2020-325P  Different views of the lockdown.
Went with article about nursary sales booming as people turn to gardening during the coronavirus lockdown.
2020-322P  The extra ball for students to juggle.
Went with article about VCE students experiencing extra stress due to the coronavorus pandemic.
2020-315  Coronavirus waves.
The end of our pre-coronavirus way fo life.

2020-316P  Online fishing instructions.
Went with article about online fishing lessions created by a primary school student.
2020-314P  Single people catching up for coffee during the coronavirus lockdown.
Went with article about it being difficult for single people to catch up with other singles during the coronavirus lockdown.

2020-313P  Coronavirus pandemic lockdown zoo funding.
Went with article about most of the funds promised to zoos to assist them financially during the coronavirus lockdown have yet to be delivered.

2020-309P  Virtual cycling.
Went with article on virtual cycling races being conducted during the coronavirus lockdown.

August  2020
2020-301P  Coronavirus building blocks.
Went with article about concerns that primary school students’ educational advancement will be held back because of the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-302P  Social distancing in the country.
Went with article about snakes being active earlier than usual this spring.

2020-300P  The work prospects impact of coronavirus.
Went with an article on work prospects being worse for women in the wake of the coronavirus pancemic.

2020-296  This is not the end.
Using a quote by Winston Churchill to reflect on the coronavirus pandemic situation.

2020-295P  Dangerous illnesses for the elderly.
Went with an article on an increase of elder abuse during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

2020-293P  Current hospitality industry career path.
Went with article on hospitality workers leaving the industry due to lack of work opportunities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-291P  Desert Islands.
Went with an article on mental health during the coronavirus lockdown.

2020-284  The pot of gold at the end of the coronavirus rainbow.
The road to the end of the coronavirus pandemic fraught with risk.

2020-287P  Black red and yellow controlled by white.
Was designed to go with an article about the copyright for the Australian indigenous flag being owned by a non-indigenous company.

2020-283  Coronavirus for young people.
Drawn in response to an article about young people being hit particularly hard by the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-282P  Catching coronavirus.
Went with an article on the lingering aftereffects of catching coronavirus.

2020-281P  Ignoring the signs.
Went with an article on people ingoring playground shutdown regulations.

2020-276  Coronavirus restriction signs.
A reminder to people annoyed at the coronavirus pandemic restrictions why those restrictions are in place.

2020-271P  Coronavirus fashions.
Went with artcle about using coronavirus face masks.

2020-268P  Reading material during the lockdown.
Went with an article on a rush on library books prior to the commencement of the latest lockdown.

2020-265  Modern day Sisyphus.
Seemingly endless battle against coronavirus.

2020-266P Face mask problems.
Went with an article about people with glases having problems wearing facemasks.

2020-267P  Golfers coronavirus face mask.
Went with article on how the tighter coronavirus restrictions apply to golf.

2020-264P  The end of coronavirus pandemic.
Went with article on mental health problems during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-260P  Coronavirus title fight.
People experiencing fatigue in the fight against coronavirus.

July  2020

2020-258  Caring for the elderly today.
Coronavirus pandemic running rampant in nursing homes.

2020-257P  All too common aboriginal heritage sign.
Went with article about aboriginal heritage signs being installed.

2020-256P  I call it poetic justice.
Went with article about wearing facemasks in public being made compulsory.

2020-253P  Walking down the isle today.
Went with article about couples delying getting married due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-252P  The 2020 bodyline series.
Went with article about the ucoming local cricket season being in jepordy due top the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-249P  Job seekers seeking working.
Went with article about job seekers being requried to search for work to get the Job Seeker payment, despite there being few jobs.

020-248P  Coronavirus face masks.
Went with article about people not social isolating when they they have flu like symptions.

2020-247  You do not need that.
Resistance to coronavirus lockdown.

2020-245P  Coronavirus Catch 22.
Went with an article on the difficulty in getting accurate information about the spread of coronavirus.

2020-244P  Government debt fuse.
Went with article on extension of JobKeeper and Job Seeker payments.

2020-243P  Only drive to church on Sundays.
Went with article on enforcing coronavirus travel restrictions.
2020-242P  Positive and negative social media.
Went with article about social media discourse becoming more negitave in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-240  Dodging the coronavirus bullet.
Multiple waves of coronavirus.

2020-241P  New businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.
Went with article about new businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-239P  Coronavirus must have been really tough in those days.
Lighter look at the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-238P  Running from coronavirus.
Went with article on officials not releasing specific details of coronavirus outbreaks.

2020-237P Zorro mask not acceptable.
Went with article about the Ballarat Base hospital making it compulsory for visitors to wear face masks.
2020-235  Adversity in the time of coronavirus.
The impact of coronavirus is much more severe for some people.

2020-234P  Coronavirus and teeth free.
Went with article about people not going to the dentist due to fear of coronavirus.

2020-233P  School crossing this term.
Went with article about many students home schooling in the wake of the coronavirus infection rate resurgence.

2020-230P  Coronavirus lockdown art.
Went with article on increased mental health stress due to the coronavirus lockdown and trying to combat it with art.

2020-231P  Firing starters gun.
Went with an article on local sporting bodies faced with the prospect of cancelling the postponed 2020 sporting season due to the resurgence of coronavirus cases in Victoria.

2020-229  Coronavirus pandemic as a road trip.
The end ot the coronavirus pandemic still a long way off.

2020-228P  I love visiting the unspoilt bush.
Went with article about the damage caused to the environment when tourists go “off track” in state forests.

2020-223P  He reckons I don't need a test.
Coronavirus test refusals.