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April  2019

2020-109P  Caught on a 1.4 metre coronavirus breaking strain.
Went with article on the ban on people fishing in Victoria as part of the restrictions on movement to limit the spread of coronavirus.

2020-108P  Desperate times, dog skid row food coronavirus.
Went with article on shortage of pet food due to hoarding.

2020-107   Funding the economic recovery after coronavirus.
Squandering of the mining boom tax windfall on tax cuts instead of devoting it to a sovereign wealth fund.

2020-101  I only buy one or two extra items each shopping trip.
Hoarding of food during the coronavirus pandemic.

March  2019

2020-104P  When no news is not good news.
Went with article about closures of country newspapers.
2020-103P  Coronavirus testing in the country.
Went with article about delays in the country in processing coronavirus test results.

2020-100P  Cyclists' social distancing.
Went with article on the need for cyclists to observe social distancing.
2020-099P  CFA social distancing.
Went with article on the problems CFA volunteers face trying to work in the face of the coronavirus threat.

2020-097  Stranded on a desert island today.
The pariah status of cruise ships during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-096P  Contact sport today.
Went with article on what sports people can still undertake during the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-094  Social distancing.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-095  Modern day Titanic.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  Cruise ships

2020-092  Ignoring social distancing.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-093  Intimate candle lit dinner today.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-090  Pretty safe dear.
Misunderstanding and ignorance about how coronavirus spreads.

2020-089P  But it is and emergency!
Panic over coronavirus causing unnecessary strain on hospital emergancy deparments.

2020-081  The ascent of virus infected man.
Each subsequent virus outbreak seemingly to be getting progressively worse.

2020-079P  Current koala corridor.
Went with article on land clearing eroding Koala wildlife corridors.

2020-078P  Current emissions reduction target.
Coal lobby's resistance to significant carbon emission

2020-077  What wrong with the old treaty.
Plans for a modern indigenous treaty.

February  2019

2020-074P  If exercise was the cure.
Coronavirus panic.
2020-075P Carbon emissions reduction targets.
The consequensces of not significantly reducing carbon emissions.
2020-072  Coronavirus in the Middle East.
Corona virus and past military responses to polical unreast in the Middle East.
2020-070P  Cleaning up Australia today.
Went with article on Clean up Australia Day.
2020-069P  The women in politics glass ceiling.
Went with article on women in politics and the difficulties they face in the largely male world of politics.
2020-059 Death of Holden.
The death of Holden and what it might mean for Ford Australia.
2020-053  The coronavirus domino effect.
The economic impact of the coronavirus.
2020-056P  National Party climate emergency declaration.
The National party's inability to acknowledge the evidence of global warming.
2020-055P  Another view of the glass  bottle stockpile.
Went with article about council’s stockpiling bottles they can’t recycle.
2020-054P  The good and the bad news for Sydney residents.
After weeks of enduring bushfire smoke haze Sydney residents were hit by extreme flooding.
2020-049P  Signs that the fruit is ripe.
Went with article on picking fruit.
2020-044  Steps to apply for government funding.
On the slew of sports and general funding grants favouring coalition seats in the run up to last year’s federal election.
2020-042P  New suburb green spaces.
Went with article about the lack of green space in new suburban developments.
2020-040P  Beach lifeguards this summer.
Went with artcile about this summer being lost (in terms of recreational opportunities).

January  2019
2020-036  Why koalas commit suicide.
Using Koala habitat lose as a metaphor for society's failure to tackle the causes of suicide.
2020-029 Curbing the spread of disease.

Pointing out the vastly different responses to coronavirus and malaria.

2020-021 I know how you feel.
Highlighting both the Australia Day protests and the recent damaging bushfires.
2020-024P  Attracting tourists to country Victoria.
Went with article urging tourists to visit the parts of Victoria that haven't been burnt.

2020-025P  Honey flow in bushfire affected areas.
Went with article on beehives being moved from fire affected areas due to lack of honey flow.

2020-022  The Federal Government's Sports funding grants.
The Minister for Sport Bridget McKenzie giving out sports funding grants that favoured LNP marginal seats.

2020-017  Modern version of the Magic pudding.
Using the classic Australian children's book, The Magic Pudding, to highlight the increased threat of bushfire due to global warming.

2020-018P  What is your bushfire plan.
Went with article on the importance of having a well-prepared bushfire plan.

2020-015P  Sports funding grants race.
Went with article on the Minister for sport, Bridget Mckenzie giving out $100m in pre-election grants during the May 2019 election that favoured targeted Coalition seats.

2020-014P  Fielding in the outer.
Went with article on the bushfire smoke haze causing visibility problems at cricket matches.

2020-013P  Summer tourism today.
Went with article on the damage the bushfires had down to regional tourism.

2020-011  We have always had droughts and fires.
The impact vested interests have on government policy.
2020-009P  Smoking outdoors this summer.
Went with article on health risks form the smoke haze currently enveloping the South east coast of Australia.

2020-008  Back burning.
The Australian government continuing to disregard evidence of global warming.

2020-003P  Very hard sell.
Went with article on fewer young people joining the CFA.

2020-002  Still smouldering after the fires.
Anger over lack of action on tackling global warming after massive bushfires sweep South Eastern Australia.

2020-001P  Migrating birds this summer.
Went with article on birds fleeing bushfire areas.