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December  2008 
2008-733 23Dec08 Stranded economist.
Economists see everything from an economic perspective.
2008-699 5Dec08  Christmas with plenty of laughs.
2008 Aussie Christmas greeting.
2008-729 22Dec08  Christmas without Santa.
The reopening of Christmas Island as a detention centre.
2008-725 18Dec08  Improving your body image.
A cultural look at obesity.
2008-726 18Dec08  Making a big difference.
Questioning look at the benefits of Kevin Rudd's $1,000 Christmas bonus.
2008-724 17Dec08  Mr. Economic Universe.
Weak state of the global economy.
2008-722P 15Dec08  Paying a lot less.
Pocket cartoon about the price of petrol falling.
2008-720 15Dec08  Greenhouse gas reduction policy balloons.
A look at Kevin Rudd's minimal commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gases.  The black
balloons were used in an advertising campaign to urge people to reduce their carbon emissions.
2008-719 15Dec08  Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Kevin Rudd's cautious approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
2008-712 12Dec08  Good news for hoons.
Rye look at the economic downturn forcing the price of petrol down.
2008-711P 11Dec08  Kevin Rudd Santa.
Pocket cartoon that want with article on Rudd's
$1,000 Christmas bonus for every Australian child.
2008-707 11Dec08  Distances in Australia.
Looming economic downturn in Australia.
2008-703 9Dec08  Regional transport.
A look at drought via regional transport options.
2008-700 5Dec08  Crashed car industry to support.
Desperate of of the US car industry.
2008-695 4Dec08  Urban sprawl.
Victorian State Government's decision to allow
expansion of Melbourne, overriding existing planning codes.
2008-694 4Dec08  Increasing numbers.
Population increase and environmental degradation due to lack of water.
2008-693 3Dec08  Economic downturn.
Contrasting the relatively mild economic downturn
in Australia with the veritable crash in the US.
2008-689 2Dec08  Reserve Bank urgent delivery.
Series of interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank.
2008-685 28Nov08 Future weathercock?
Long term weather forecast predicts a drier climate for South Eastern Australia.
2008-683 27Nov08  Aussie stockmen.
Using the movie Australia to contrast the historical differences  between Aussie males.

 November  2008 
2008-680 27Nov08  Government Departments.
Dangers the government faces if it runs a budget deficit.
2008-671 24Nov08  Wall Street rural Stock Market.
Rural Perspective on the State of the Stock Market.
2008-676 25Nov08  Stock market deep sea roller coaster.
Stock market coming off a very low base.
2008-672P 24Nov08  Debt vacuum.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Rudd's
$1,000 Christmas bonus to families with children.
2008-670 24Nov08  Communism Capitalism, pragmatism.
Postulating that the only lasting "ism" is pragmatism.
2008-669 21Nov08  Stock market plunger coffee.
Esoteric look at the stock market plunge.
2008-665 20Nov08  Directions in Queensland.
Sever flooding in the State of Queensland.
2008-660 18Nov98  Revised capitalism 101.
Unprecedented levels of government intervention in the private sector in an attempt to stave of
world economic  collapse is causing a complete rethink of the concept of free market capitalism.
2008-663P 18Nov08  Male violence.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on White Ribbon Day - The
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
2008-659 18Nov08  American reality TV.
Dire economic situation in America.
2008-657 17Nov08  Open season on economists.
Federal government's proposal for a national ban
on duck hunting tied in with current economic woes.
2008-654 13Nov08  Superpipe pipe down.
Protests in Northern Victoria over the construction of the superpipe
that will pump water from the Murray catchment area to Melbourne.
2008-652 13Nov08  The digital education revolution.
Revolt by the States to Rudd's digital education revolution.
2008-650 12Nov98  Bailouts.
The government seemingly more keen to bailout the finance
sector than it is to assist the drought effected agricultural sector.
2008-646 10Nov08  US Treasury piggy bank.
Barrack Obama inheriting a treasury with serious financial problems.
2008-645P 10Nov08  Country pools.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on country
pools and the threat to them due to drought.
2008-644P 10Nov08  Belt up or belt down.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the dangers of not wearing seatbelts.
2008-642 10Nov08  The repo man.
ABC Learning Centres, the biggest childcare
provider in Australia, going into receivership.

 October  2008 
2008-634 30Oct08  The winds of change in America.
Prospect of the first African American in history to become the President of the United States.
2008-633 29Oct08  Investment funds manager In and Out trays.
Government guarantee of bank deposits has initiated a rush to transfer money
from investment funds to banks, forcing many investment funds to freeze their assets.
2008-620 24Oct  The only thing that isn't falling.
Drop in the stock market and the continuing drought in Southern Australia.
2008-630P 27Oct08  Hazardous wet conditions.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on road accidents due to wet conditions.
2008-628P 27Oct08  Women in the boardroom.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the lack of
women executives n the boardrooms of businesses.
2008-627 27Oct08  Government guaranteed.
Esoteric look at the Australian Government's bank deposit guarantee.
2008-621 24Oct08  Why the Titanic really sank.
Cynical look at society's tendency to form committees to
deal with major problems instead of taking decisive action.
2008-617 23Oct08  Keeping the recession monster at bay.
Worldwide recession threatening despite massive financial system bailout.
2008-616 22Oct08 The Indian space race.
Using India's moon rocket launch to highlight India's population problem.
2008-613 21Oct08  Muck up day and year.
Rye look at the criticism of muck up day (final day of school for
VCE students when they celebrate with pranks and high jinx).
2008-609 20Oct08  Might be recycled water.
Lighter look at the fierce opposition in many parts
of Australia to the introduction of recycled water.
2008-603 17Oct08  Environmental collapse.
Pointing out that environmental collapse will be much more devastating than economic collapse.
2008-600 17Oct08  Spring racing carnival mounts.
Start of the Spring racing carnival and the economic downturn.
2008-599 15Oct08  Credit expressed as plants.
Credit going from very easy to very hard to get.
2008-593 14Oct08  Even lower stocks.
Contrasting the plight of shareholders with that of pensioners.
2008-592 13Oct08  Total meltdown.
Quirky look at the stock market meltdown and global warming.
2008-587 3Oct08  RIP George Orwell?
Musing that the today's  widespread use surveillance
cameras might not be to George Orwell's liking.
2008-585 2Oct08  Handing over the package.
Questioning how the seven billion dollar US
financial sector bailout package is going to be funded.
2008-584 2Oct08  Paid maternity leave. 
A look at paid maternity leave and the pressure of raising a large family.
2008-583 1Oct08  Say, buddy, can you spare a dime?
Planned massive bailout of the US finance sector.
2008-581P 30Sept08  Greenhouse gas reduction target speed hump.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the setting of the Australian greenhouse gas  reduction
target at a modest 10%.  Australia's heavy reliance on coal may have influenced that decision.
2008-580 30Sept08  Financial sector expressed as a trapeze act.
Congress' decision not to fund the bailout of failed
financial institutions causes the stock market to free fall.

 September  2008 
2008-579P 29Sept08  Parental leave in Australia.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on plans to offer parental leave.
2008-574 29Sept08  Economic bailout.
Look at the current economic bailout and what will be required
if we are to stop rising sea levels due to global warming.
2008-572 26Sept08  The "all you can" culture.
Society's tendency towards over eating and excessive borrowing.
2008-566 25Sept08  The economic recovery rail.
The bail out of large US finance Institutions but not bailing out individual
housing loan defaulters.  Welfare for the large and rich but not the small and poor.
2008-564 24Sept08  Catholic hospital optometry services.
Australian Catholic hospitals refusing to offer abortions or refer
women who want an abortion to other abortion service providers.
2008-562 23Sept08  Stormy seas.
The convergence of the falling stock market and the rising price of oil.
2008-560P 22Sept08  Garno Report comment.
Claims that the Garno report recommendations are not strong enough.
2008-559 22Sept08  The American Eagle today.
America's debt crisis.
2008-555 19Sept08  Another water supply scheme.
Increasingly outlandish schemes to meet the demand for water.
2008-551 18Sept  Stock market trade towers.
US Stock Market in dire straits.
2008-549 17Sept08  Bare bear market.
Quirky look at the extent of the loses in the current bear stock market.
2008-546P 16Sept08  Handing over the baton.
Malcolm Turnbull taking over as leader of the opposition from Brendan Nelson.
2008-545 16Sept08  The credit crunch.
The impact of the credit crunch on small investors.
2008-543 15Sept08 Travelling on the economic highway.
Pensioners' standard of living being eroded by higher
inflation and lack of proper indexing of the pension.
2008-539 12Sept08  Plenty of dams.
Calls for more dams to be built when the dams
Australian already has are not full due to lack of rain.
2008-538P 11Septo8  Grim Reaper cigarettes.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the number of deaths caused by smoking.
2008-536P 11Sept08  Abortion bill vote air raid sirens.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the volatile
abortion bill debate in the Victorian State Parliament.
2008-535 11Sept08  "Backs to the wall" today.
String of major financial institutions in difficulty is rocking Wall Street.
2008-534 11Sept08  Reading Peter Costello's memoir.
Speculating that John Howard's reaction to Peter Costello's memoir might be very negative.
2008-529 8Sept08  That's horrific!
What humans describe as "horrific" depends on conditioning.
2008-533 10Sept08 Rudd and the bush in agreement.
Kevin Rudd's defence budget announcement and the plight of rural Australia.
2008-532 9Sept08  Greenhouse gas reductions.
Inadequate greenhouse gas reduction targets.
2008-530 8Sept08  Aquatic version of the political map of Australia.
The mauling Labor received in Western Australia by the Liberals.
2008-525 5Sept08  Children and work juggling.
Illustrative cartoon that went with article on childcare and the pressures of modern living.
2008-524 4Sept08  Carbon emissions tax exemptions.
Lobbying by interest groups to have parts of the economy exempt from the carbon emissions tax.
2008-523 4Sept0  Archaeological dig in Afghanistan.
Current fighting in Afghanistan and the countries long history of conflict.
2008-522 3Sept08  Economic environmental beauty pageant.
The ugly environmental and economic options that the world faces.
2008-516 2Sept08  Farmers' skid row.
Australian irrigation farmers in dire straits due to lack of water.
2008-515P 1Sept08  Leigh Matthews in the mirror.
Went with AAP article about Leigh Matthews resigning as coach of the Brisbane Lions.
2008-514P 1Sept08  Your sacrifice was almost priceless.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article about the Government
planning to charge Long Tan veterans for their medal ribbons.
2008-512P 1Sept08  Death row reprieve.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article about interest rates dropping.
2008-510 2Sept08  Interest rate cuts.
Emphasising how big the interest rates cuts will have
to be in order to subdue the high interest rates monster.
2008-507 29Aug08  Incendiary devices.
Senate's hostility to the Government's bill to increase the tax on alcopops.

 August  2008 
2008-503 28Aug08  Performance assessments of schools applied to a Circus.
The Government's plan to publish performance assessments of Australian schools.
2008-475 18Aug08  Farmer's sunny day.
The excitement rain can generate after a long dry spell.
2008-492 25Aug08 Common Australian freshwater octopus.
Overuse of water from Australian rivers.
2008-490 22Aug08  New Ford personnel manager.
Recent Ford Job loses.
2008-485 21Aug08  Going for Olympic gold.
Huge financial rewards from sponsorship
deals for competitors who win gold medals.
2008-455 7Aug08  Economic lion tamer.
Difficulty in controlling inflation.
2008-478 19thAug08  Speed sign.
Practise by many Australians of marking points where their loved ones
have been killed in car crashes with commemorative crosses and flowers.
Many of the victims would have died due to speed.
2008-476 18Aug08  Robert Mugabe sharing power.
Robert Mugabe making only a token offer of power sharing.
2008-472 15Aug08  Those magnificent interest rates men.
High Australian bank interest rates.
2008-469 14Aug08  America and Russia finally agree.
Both Russia and America's willingness to use military
force but quick to condemn others using military force.
2008-467 13Aug08  Global hotting up.
Fighting in Georgia/South Ossetia and global warming.
2008-463 12Aug08  Going for broke.
High interest rates and the Olympic Games.
2008-461 11Aug08  Retrospective road sign.
Icy road conditions in Southern Australia.
2008-460 11Aug08  Water allocation this year.
Drastic cuts to water allocation for irrigators in the Murray Darling
river system while water pipes being constructed to urban centres.
2008-457 11Aug08  Getting angry about environmental degradation.
Pollution at the Beijing Olympic games.
2008-456  8Aug08  Olympic smog torch relay.
Comment of the Beijing Olympic Games smog.
2008-454 7Aug08  Man does not live by bread alone.
High cost of groceries.
2008-453 6Aug08  Rejuvenating the Coorong.
Federal Government admitting that they can't save the Coorong wetlands of the lower Murray river.
2008-448 5Aug08  The Reserve Bank assessing whether the economy is slowing.
The Reserve bank slow to react to the slowing economy.
2008-440 1Aug08  Carbon emissions trading Noah's ark.
Procrastination over how and when to introduce
a carbon emissions trading scheme to Australia.
2008-441 1Aug08  Economic fortune teller.
Subprime mortgage market woes.
2008-436 31July08  Great Wall of China today.
China imposing tough internet censorship for the Beijing Olympics.

 July  2008 
2008-435 30July08  Economy still going fast.
Esoteric look at the world economic slowdown.
2008-431 29July08  Aged car service.
Allegorical cartoon drawn in response to a spate
of neglect cases in Australian aged care homes,
2008-430 28July08  Qantas safety reputation.
Incident where a Qantas plan lost part of it's fuselage during a  flight.
2008-429 28July08 Retail price of petrol.
Petrol stations quick to pass on Wholesale petrol price rises to customers
but slow to to respond when the wholesale price of petrol falls.
2008-422 24July08 Easy to get a home loan.
Economic musings in light of so many people defaulting on home loans in recent times.
2008-421 14July08 Generation Y steps.
Australia's Generation Y staying home longer than the Baby Boomers did.
2008-420 23July08 Fuelling the inflation fire.
Rising inflation rate primarily fuelled by the rapidly rising price of petrol.
2008-416 22July08  Man climbs back into the trees.
An somewhat esoteric look at impending rising sea levels  due to  global warming.
2008-415P 21July08  The new Myer cosmetics counter.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story about Myer planing to open a store in Dubai.
2008-411 18July08  CCTV Big Brother is watching you.
Lighter comment on the widespread rollout of CCTV.
2008-410 18July08  The Government's environmental Green Paper.
Allegations that the Government's environmental Green Paper has been compromised by the coal lobby.
2008-404 17July08  Australia's greenhouse gas reduction strategy.
Australia unwilling to reduce coal exports to tackle global warming.
2008-403 16July08  Interest rates on hold.
Australian banks raising their interest rates despite the
Reserve Bank putting official interest rates on hold.
2008-398 15July08 Like looking a crosses.
The powerful sexual drive of young people and World Youth Day.
2008-397P 14July08  Bigger Brother.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story about the axing
by Channel Ten of the reality TV show Big Brother.
2008-393 14July08  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
The two largest home finance companies in America on the brink of collapse.
2008-387 11July08  Greenhouse emission reduction targets.
Most countries that have set greenhouse are failing to meet them.
2008-383P 10July08  The disappearing cash in the wallet trick.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article on the rapidly rising price of petrol.
2008-382 10July08  The Murray River's Father Time.
Time running out to save the lower parts of the Murray River.
2008-371 7July08  The water allocation Scales of Justice.
The water allocation process is often not fair.
2008-379P 7July08  Tasmania's preferred map of Australia.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article about
Tasmania wanting to get an AFL football team.
2008-376 8July08  Today's priorities.
News of movie star Nicole Kidman having a baby
seeming to get a higher priority then the G8 Summit.
2008-374P 7July08  Barry's Hall.
AFL footballer Barry Hall repeatedly suspended for striking.
2008-372 7July08  Nouvelle cuisine.
Soaring world food prices.
2008-369 4July08 Officialdom responding to global warming.
Inadequate response by most governments to global warming.
2008-366 4July08  River snags.
Excessive pumping of water from rivers impacting on environmental flows in the rivers.
2008-365 2July08  Mugabe power sharing.
Call by the African Union for Mugabe to accept a power
sharing agreement with the Zimbabwean opposition.
2008-363P 1July08  Giving police more powers.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story about  police getting extra
arrest powers for the Catholic Church's World Youth Day in Sydney.
2008-361 1July08  Carbon emissions trading scheme graph.
Confusion and indecision about how to set up a carbon emissions trading scheme.
2008-357 1July08  Child protection safety net.
Recent failures by child protection authorities to protect children at risk.