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2007   january to june

June 2007 
2007-406 28June07  Mr. average citizen.
OK, so it's a sicko cartoon.  It's a quirky look at the latest Australian census
figures which show that the average Australian family has 1.8 children.
2007-405 28June07  Gippsland sermon.
Drought breaking floods in Gippsland.
2007-404P 27June07  The good news is that the drought has broken!
Flooding in Gippsland heralding the breaking of the drought in that part of Australia.
2007-388 21June07  The assent of communications man.
Fighting over the introduction of high speed broadband in Australia.
2007-397 26June07  That person over there is in trouble.
The furore over aboriginal welfare a convenient distraction for Prime Minister Howard.
2007-395 25June07  Black and white TV.
Pornography and violence in aboriginal communities.
2007-394 22June07  Targeting aborigines.
Sudden up swell of righteous indignation over the level of child
abuse and the general poor state of aboriginal communities.
2007-391 22June07  Knighting Salmon Rushdie.
Strong reaction from fundamentalist Muslims to Salmon Rushdie getting a knighthood.
2007-390 22June07  Stand on your own two feet.
The plight of Australian aboriginals.
2007-389 21June07  Performance pay for teachers.
Performance pay for teachers applied to politicians.
2007-381 19June07  Slow country life.
Slow internet speeds in the country.
2007-379 18June07  Water supply decision making.
Dithering about taking action on Australia's dwindling water resources.
2007-261 1May07   John Howard at the movies.
The veteran political campaigner John Howard.
2007-343 1June07  Die Hard 5.
The total ban on smoking in Victorian hotels.
2007-361 12June07  Australian broadband internet wheels.
Poor standard of Australia's broadband internet network.
2007-365P 12June07  Meeting the Dalai Lama.
John Howard meeting the Dalai Lama but trying to keep
a low profile so as not to offend the Chinese government.
2007-359 11June07  Fill their water tanks.
Contrasting the flood in the Hunter Valley with the
state of drought over much of the rest of Australia.
2007-348 5June07  Future fossil museum.
A reflection on man's follies in the 21st century
and how we might be viewed in the future.
2007-357P 8June07  Valuable Australian Monopoly property.
Using the launch of the Australian version of Monopoly
to highlight the the long term drought in Australia
2007-353 7June07  Common roadside memorial.
Spate of railway crossing smashes in Victoria (Australia).
2007-352 7June07  Viewing the vital signs.
Rosy economic signs in stark contrast to the deteriorating environment.
2007-351 6June07  Rollout of the new high speed cable.
Telstra stalling on the roll out of the new high speed internet
cable in an attempt to broker a more competitive deal.
2007-347 5June07  Finally seeing the light.
John Howard finally changing  his position on global warming.
2007-346 4June07  New technology protest.
Comment on those who protest about the introduction of new technology.
2007-342 1June07  Climate change.
John Howard finally recognising global warming as a major problem.
2007-337 31May07  Morality today.
The seeming indifference by much of the world to the carnage in the Middle East.
2007-338 31May07  White Australia's relationship with indigenous Australia.
A bleak look at white Australia attitudes towards
indigenous Australians over the last fifty years.

 May 2007 
2007-305 18May07  Wealth in the country.
Pointing out how poor life would be without water.
2007-332 29May07  Go for the balls not the man.
Below the belt look at the state of politics in Australia.
2007-330 28May07  WorkChoices fairness test.
The Federal Government's introduction of a fairness test in
an attempt to soften the negative response to WorkChoices.
2007-328P 25May07 Why geeks like computers.
Pocket cartoon drawn for article on a computer games convention.
2007-324 25May07  The answer is blowing in the wind.
The rapid growth in the wind farm industry dividing many rural communities.
2007-319 24May07  Would you like to upsize?
Rising obesity, especially amongst teenagers.
2007-318 23May07  One thousand bills you must pay before you die.
Satirical look at the one thousand things
you must see/read/do before you die books.
2007-314 22May07  Last country doctor.
Doctor shortage in the country.
2007-313 22May07  WorkChoices : know were you stand.
The Impact of WorkChoices on Australian workers.
2007-310P 18May07  The boning of Eddie McGuire.
Eddie McGuire standing down as head of Channel Nine
amidst rumours that PBL were unhappy with his performance.
2007-306 18May07  Channel Nine logo.
Eddie McGuire standing down as head of Channel Nine.
2007-303 17May07  Budget surplus carrot.
Howard still behind in the opinion polls despite Federal budget pork barrelling.
2007-302 17May07  Relax, it's Just a burst hot water service.
The public jumpy about global warming.
2007-300P 16May07  Snubbed in Australia.
Allegations that Australian politicians have snubbed the Dalai Lama.
2007-299P 16May07  The very high court.
Allegations by a Melbourne lawyer that many lawyers use drugs.
2007-285 10May07  Tertiary education today.
Extra funds for tertiary education at the same time as the cap
on the number of full fee places for students was removed.
2007-296 14May07  How could she!
The Daily Telegraph in Sydney criticised for it's sensational
headline about a mother who abandoned her newborn baby.
2007-294 14May07  Desert mirage today.
Comment on the length of the drought currently afflicting Australia.
2007-291 11May07  Receiving the news about Tony Blair.
Peter Costello's ambition to replace John Howard as PM.
2007-290 11May07  Jetsetting today.
Paris Hilton jailed for 45 days over a parole violation.
2007-286 10May07  Basking in the sun.
The looming threat of global warming threatens
to overshadow the current good economic times.
2007-281 9May07  Corporate takeover turbulence.
The damaging impact on Qantas of the attempted
corporate takeover bid by a private equity consortium.
2007-277 8May07  Drought?  What drought?!
Massive Federal treasury surplus.
2007-280P 8May07  What remains the same.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-279P 8May07  Trump cards in the election poker game.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-278P 8May07  Federal Budget funding.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-274 7May07  There goes the neighbourhood!
Esoteric look and snobbishness and petty racism.
2007-276 8May07  You are charged with being young.
Questioning the fairness of anti-hoon laws.
2007-260 1May07  Why would anyone want to put a wind farm here.
Wind farm developments often opposed by local protest groups.
2007-272 4May07  Educating children today.
Recent heavy rains in parts of South Eastern Australia
a new experience for many young children.
2007-271 4May07  Softening of WorkChoices.
The Federal government's scaling back of WorkChoices legislation.
2007-268 3May07 Ethical standards in Federal politics.
Furore over Bill Heffernan calling Julia Gillard "deliberately barren".
2007-264 2May07  Government pregnancy counselling options.
Concerns that the Federal Government's new pregnancy counselling
service may be biased against women seeking an abortion.
2007-254 17April07  Modern version of the William Tell fable.
Failure of many countries to reach greenhouse gas reduction targets.
2007-259 30April07  Happy, ecstatic.
Significant rains in much of Australia.
2007-258 30April07  Political choice today.
The ALP's uranium policy now much closer to that of the Liberals.

 April 2007 
2007-253 27April07  America's newest religion.
The American people's obsession with guns.
2007-240 23April07  Tell us the one about  Noah and the flood again!
John Howard becoming very nervous about the damage the drought is doing.
2007-243 24April07 The part of Australia that has forgotten.
ANZAC day and dying country towns, largely due to drought.
2007-247P 24April0  Yeltsin's headstone.
Death of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, a notorious drunk.
2007-242 24April07  Australia rising speech.
John Howard's "Australia rising" speech and drought in Australia.
2007-235 23April07  Quoting Menzies today.
Using Robert Menzies' classic quote about Queen Elizabeth
to highlight the extent of drought in Australia today.
2007-234 20April07  Very dry white wine.
Drought tipped to reduce  wine production in Australia this year.
2007-233P 19April07  Broadband that Telstra is interested in.
Went with article on Telstra saying it will not role out a new high
speed broadband network unless it's profits can be guaranteed.
2007-231P 19April07  Don't covet my neighbour.
Went with AAP article on a survey result showing that almost
one in four Australians don't want homosexuals as neighbours.
2007-230 19April07  The right to bear arms.
A look at America's "right to bear arms".
2007-227 18April07  Lost in the desert today.
Drought and low water storage levels.
2007-224P 17April  American bullets flag.
Went with article on the shooting massacre in Virginia.
2007-226P 17April07  State Minister for Health.
Food poisoning deaths at an aged care home putting
the Victorian Health Minister in the hot seat.
2007-223 17Aprl07  Gun control in America.
A re-look at America's lax gun laws in the
light of the shooting massacre in Virginia.
2007-221 16April07  Sunrise program sunrise.
Channel Seven's Sunrise program planned to stage a pre dawn Anzac service
at Long Tan in Vietnam to coincide with the broadcast of their program.
2007-220 16April07  Australia's weather pattern.
The current El Nino/La Nina weather pattern falling
well below normal rainfall patterns for Australia.
2007-215 5April07  Spot the parcel least likely to break.
Quirky look at the fact that the drought across
much of South Eastern Australia still hasn't broken.
2007-214 4April07 Guns.
The Tasmanian timber company Gunns using their legal muscle
to intimidate people protesting about Gunns' planned pulp mill.
2007-208 3April07  Sentencing David Hicks.
The gag conditions placed on David Hicks as part of his
sentence is very convenient for the Federal Government.
2007-207 2April07  Ian Thorpe's abnormal recordings.
Massive media hype surrounding Ian Thorpe after a test
revealed that he had abnormally high testosterone levels.
2007-206 2April07  Country football terms.
Hard football grounds due to the drought increasing
the number of injuries to football players.
2007-200 30Mar07 The drought has finally broken!
Footy fever breaking out with the start of the footy season.
2007-202P 30Mar07 Media diversity will not suffer.
Went with article on Helen Coonan reassuring the public that
media diversity will not suffer under the new media ownership laws.
2007-204P 30Mar07 Foot ground training.
Went with article on the poor state of country football grounds due to the drought

March 2007 
2007-196 29Mar07  Our Green Prime Minister.
John Howard's reluctance to fully commit to carbon emission reduction targets.
2007-193P 28Mar07 Farmer's dependents.
A look at the EC - Exceptional Circumstances assistance
for farmers who have been affected by drought.
2007-192 28Mar07  The responding to global warming race.
Howard perceived as a late starter in the race to respond to global warming.
2007-190P 27Mar07  How does Hicks plead?
Went with article on David Hicks' guilty plea.
2007-189P 27Mar07  Petrol price rising.
Went with article on the price of petrol rising very rapidly.
2007-187 27Mar07  Burnley tunnel speed limit sign.
The recent serious accident in the Burnley tunnel in Melbourne has
sparked debate about what is the safe speed limit for  the tunnel.
2007-186 26Mar07  We are ready for you now.
After five years delay the American military are finally ready to try David Hicks.
2007-184P 23Mar07  Voter choice in the NSW Election.
Voter disillusionment with both the major political parties.
2007-178 22Mar07  Broadband that is already widespread.
Using the current internet broadband debate as a
springboard to the problem of increasing levels of obesity.
2007-180P 22Mar07  Tuckshop credit cards.
Went with article on the introduction in some
schools of tuckshop credit cards for students.
2007-174 21Mar07  Mr. Santoro has fallen on his sword.
Santo Santoro resigning from parliament in disgrace.
2007-165 16Mar07  The horn of Africa.
The rogue state of Zimbabwe and it's leader Mugabe
pose a serious challenge to the African Union.
2007-171 20Mar07  I'm sticking to beer!
Health research showing that drinking a lot of fruit juice may contribute to obesity.
2007-168 19Mar07   Candles to match the cake.
Fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq.
2007-164 16Mar07  What is your water policy.
Lack of information on policies but plenty of mud
slinging in the lead up to the Australian Federal election.
2007-161 15Mar07  The two brick rule.
Light hearted look at the controversy surrounding the rule introduced by
a Victorian school to limit contact between students of different sexes.
2007-160 15Mar07  Trying to change channels
Esoteric look at the psychological impact of global warming.
2007-157 14Mar07  Passed by everyone on the road.
Australia being left behind in the environment stakes as the UK and
other countries introduce tougher carbon emission reduction targets.
2007-144 8Mar07  Desert island castaway today.
Rising sea levels caused by global warming.
2007-148 9Mar07  Water restrictions expressed as a python.
The squeeze of water restrictions.
2007-150P 9Mar07  Queensland, the sunshine state.
Stage five water restrictions in South East Queensland.
2007-149P 9Mar07  Grand Prix pit stop.
The Victorian State Government bankrolling
the loses of the Australian Grand Prix.
2007-133 5Mar07  I just love politics!
Jaded look at the latest round of political mud slinging.
2007-140 7Mar07  BodyBaghdad.
Baghdad must be using a hell of a lot of bodybags lately.
2007-142P 7Mar07  The flying away kangaroo?
The takeover of Qantas may spell the end
to the airliner as an Australian company.
2007-136 6Mar07  Australia, a land of no water but plenty of mud.
Latest round of political mud slinging initiated.
2007-139P 6Mar07  Coaching Lance Whitnall.
Footballer Lance Whitnall's acrimonious feud with his bother.
2007-135 6Mar07  A view of women today.
Contrasting the image of women promulgated by
the fashion industry and the reality for many women.
2007-134 5Mar07  Brian Burke in the visitors' gallery!
Surmising that panic would break out amongst politicians if Brian Burke was to turn up in Canberra.
2007-131 2Mar07  David Hicks charged.
David Hicks finally charged after five years of detention without trial.
2007-130 2Mar07  Spot the difference.
Brian Burke as dangerous as radioactive material for the ALP.
2007-050 29Jan07  Teaching mathematics.
The ever increasing amount of sundry fees charged
to students going to Government schools.

 February 2007 
2007-124 28Feb07  Why Iraq has difficulty standing on it's own feet.
The damage done to the Iraqi people by the war.
2007-121 27Feb07  Australia's current procedure for processing asylum seekers.
Our practice of pressuring Southeast Asian countries to take asylum seekers trying to enter Australia.
2007-122P 27Feb07  Ron Walker's radioactive sign.
Ron Walker is the head of a business consortium that has put
up a business proposal to build Australia's first nuclear reactor.
2007-119 19Feb07  A politician's definition of "clean coal".
The push for "clean coal" being stymied by some politicians.
2007-099 19Feb07  Drought relief today.  
A comment on how prolonged and widespread the drought in has been in Australia.
2007-116 23rdFeb07  Our plan to protect ourselves from rising sea levels.
The part consumerism plays in the production of greenhouse gas emissions.
2007-111 22Feb07  We want you Iraqis to take control.
Expectation that the Iraqi government will eventually be
able to govern Iraq when the Americans can't even do it.
2007-095 16Feb07  Using too much water.
Pointing out that the biggest users of water are agriculture and industry.
2007-100 20Feb07  Migrants become like him.
The mythical image of what Australians should be be like.
2007-098 19Feb07  Assessing the impact of climate change.
Politicians driven more by opinion polls than the actual evidence on climate change.
2007-096 16Feb07  Why are you in Iraq?
Pointing out that our own freedom of speech has been subtly eroded away in the pursuit of terrorists.
2007-091 15Feb07  Very widescreen TV.
Esoteric look at consumerism and global warming expressed in the form of drought.
2007-090 14Feb07  Why there shouldn't be an early withdrawal from Iraq.
Pointing out the profits the arms industry must be making out of the Iraq war.
2007-085 13Feb07  George Bush gets a standing ovation.
John Howard 's enthusiastic support for George Bush despite Bush's unpopularity.
2007-082 12Feb07  They say we shouldn't cut and run.
The horrendous cost of the Iraq war on ordinary American soldiers.
2007-083 12Feb07  Up there TV rights Cazaly.
The game of Australian rules football being sidelined
in the rush by the AFL to maximise profits.
2007-077 8Feb07  Trying to pull the water supply rabbit out of hat.
Demand for water exceeding available supply.
2007-078P 8Feb07  Applause from a crowd of asbestos victims.
For article on $4.5 billion asbestos compensation
deal from James Hardie after years of delay.
2007-076 8Feb07  Australian economy as a plane.
Contrasting performances of the mining and manufacturing sectors.
2007-074 7Feb07  Bad doggy.
A view of John Howard's relationship with George Bush.
2007-071 6Feb07 Won't be thrown out doing the Mexican wave.
David Hicks and the new rule that sees spectators thrown out
of cricket matches in Australia if they start a Mexican wave.
2007-068 5Feb07 Mexican wavering.
The Banning of the Mexican wave at Australian cricket matches.
2007-057 1Feb07  Water security in the future?
What may happen if water supplies are not secured for all.
2007-059P 1Feb07  That the three tenors watch the concert. 
Dame Kiri Te Kanawa being sued over pulling out of a tour with
John Farnham because of a fear that women throw  underwear.
2007-058 1Feb07  The Prime Minister and Premiers finding common ground.
The States and the Federal Government moving towards
agreement on the management of the Murray Darling.

 January 2007 
2007-054 31Jan07  Line dancing in Tamworth.
Racist attacks in Tamworth, the home of Australian country music.
2007-049 29Jan07  Watered down policy.
Dig at past environmental policies of both State and Federal Governments.
2007-043 18Jan07  Water policy planning applied to transport policy.
Lack of long term water use planning.
2007-03916  16Jan07  Petrol price not too high.
Complaints that petrol companies are not reducing
the price of petrol when the price of crude oil falls.
2007-040P 16Jan07  Map of Victoria today.
Widespread  electricity blackouts in the Sate of Victoria.
2007-038 15Jan07  Riot police ready.
Croatian/Serbian riot at the Australian Tennis Open.
2007-034 15Jan07  Country water sports.
Drought affecting country sporting activities.
2007-030 12Jan07  Working tirelessly for George Bush.
Mounting US death toll in Iraq.
2007-025 11Jan07  Telling people.
George Bush committing more troops to Iraq.
2007-024 11Jan07   Climate change.
The economic cost of climate change.
2007-005 5Jan07  The States of Australia.
Widespread drought in Australia.
2007-016 9Jan07  Water flow.
Drought and the growth of  the bottled water industry.
2007-006 5Jan07  Droughts in Australia and floods in England.
5-0 victory by Australia in the Ashes test.
2007-002 4Jan07  Tony Abbott's abortion services hotline.
Tony Abbott's decision to involve the Catholic Church
in the Government's pregnancy counselling service.