sport & entertainment

2008-683 27Nov08  Aussie stockmen.
Using the movie Australia to contrast the historical differences  between Aussie males.
2008-600 17Oct08  Spring racing carnival mounts.
Start of the Spring racing carnival and the economic downturn.
2008-515P 1Sept08  Leigh Matthews in the mirror.
Went with AAP article about Leigh Matthews resigning as coach of the Brisbane Lions.
2008-397P 14July08  Bigger Brother.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story about the axing
by Channel Ten of the reality TV show Big Brother.
2008-379P 7July08  Tasmania's preferred map of Australia.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article about
Tasmania wanting to get an AFL football team.
2008-376 8July08  Today's priorities.
News of movie star Nicole Kidman having a baby
seeming to get a higher priority then the G8 Summit.
2008-374P 7July08  Barry's Hall.
AFL footballer Barry Hall repeatedly suspended for striking.
2008-351 27June08  Sports star mirror.
The rosy image that many sports stars have of themselves.
2008-331P 19June08 Kidman ultrasound.
Went with article on Nicole Kidman's ultrasound of her unborn baby.
2008-330 19June08  Training for the Beijing Olympic games.
High air pollution levels in Beijing a risk to Olympic athletes.
2008-234P 7May08  Wayne Carey turning over a new leaf.
Footballer Wayne Carey up on another assault charge despite vowing to mend his ways.
2008-178P 14April08  Barry Hall at football training.
AFL player Barry Hall suspended for striking another player.
2008-161 7April08  Celebrity sportsman's podium.
Notorious celebrity sportsmen being rewarded for their misbehavior with lucrative media deals.
2008-154 3April08  Davids and Goliath.
Geelong's football dominance.
2008-121 13Mar08  Blind people.
The culture of binge drinking in sporting clubs.
2008-111 6Mar08  The limit of tolerance in Australia.
Looking at religious tolerance through the age old Aussie practice of abusing  the umpire.
2008-097 1Mar08  Cricket umpiring signals.
A look at the slanging match that has gone on between Australia and India this Summer.
2008-021 30Jan08  The perfect media storm.
A lighter look at the media frenzy that's generated from
the shenanigans of Wayne Carey and Shane Warne.