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2007-758 7Dec07  Kangaroos up there Cazaly.
The AFL forcing the Kangaroos to relocate to the Gold Coast.
2007-696 9Dec07  When it's definitely time to give up gambling.
Negative impact of gambling.
2007-70P 12Nov07  Crowd behaviour soccer ball.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on violence by soccer fans.
2007-688 5Nov07  Racing incentives.
Fear of the ever present threat of horse flu.
2007-682 2Nov07  The Kangaroos' up there Cazaly.
The AFL pressuring the Kangaroos to relocate from Melbourne to the Gold Coast.
2007-647 17Oct07  Ben Cousins my hero.
Ben Cousins' drug problem making him a dubious sporting hero for young people.
2007-616 4Oct07  A full field at this year's Spring racing carnival.
The impact of the horse flu outbreak on horse racing in Australia.
2007-582 13Sept07  The one sports club that isn't worried about the water shortage.
The water shortage effecting sporting clubs.
2007-591 17Sept07  Green sportsground.
Ongoing drought in South Eastern Australia making
it very difficult to keep local sportsgrounds green.
2007-561 5Sept07  The running of the Horse Flu Stakes.
Economic impact of the horse flu outbreak in Australia.
2007-550 31Aug07 Race calling today.
Rapid spread of the horse flu outbreak in Australia.
2007-546 30Aug07 The steeplechase hurdles this year.
Horse flu devastating the Australian racing industry.
2007-542 28Aug07  Reaction to the horse flu outbreak.
Sideways look at the effects of gambling on family life.
2007-540 27Aug08  The running of the Melbourne Cup this year?
Equine flu outbreak in Australia threatening the running of the Melbourne Cup this year.
2007-473 27July07  AFL club boardroom.
Drawn in response to a spate of sackings of AFL coaches.
2007-332 29May07  Go for the balls not the man.
Below the belt look at the state of politics in Australia.
2007-207 2April07  Ian Thorpe's abnormal recordings.
Massive media hype surrounding Ian Thorpe after a test
revealed that he had abnormally high testosterone levels.
2007-206 2April07  Country football terms.
Hard football grounds due to the drought increasing
the number of injuries to football players.
2007-200 30Mar07 The drought has finally broken!
Footy fever breaking out with the start of the footy season.
2007-204P 30Mar07 Foot ground training.
Went with article on the poor state of country football grounds due to the drought.
2007-139P 6Mar07  Coaching Lance Whitnall.
Footballer Lance Whitnall's acrimonious feud with his bother.
2007-083 12Feb07  Up there TV rights Cazaly.
The game of Australian rules football being sidelined
in the rush by the AFL to maximise profits.
2007-071 6Feb07 Won't be thrown out doing the Mexican wave.
David Hicks and the new rule that sees spectators thrown out
of cricket matches in Australia if they start a Mexican wave.
2007-068 5Feb07 Mexican wavering.
The Banning of the Mexican wave at Australian cricket matches.
2007-059P 1Feb07  That the three tenors watch the concert. 
Dame Kiri Te Kanawa being sued over pulling out of a tour with
John Farnham because of a fear that women throw  underwear.
2007-038 15Jan07  Riot police ready.
Croatian/Serbian riot at the Australian Tennis Open.
2007-034 15Jan07  Country water sports.
Drought affecting country sporting activities.
2007-006 5Jan07  Droughts in Australia and floods in England.
5-0 victory by Australia in the Ashes test.
2006-706 21Dec06  Shane Warne hanging up his cap.
Shane Warne retiring from cricket.
2006-700 18Dec06 The Ashes Test Australia is loosing.
Bushfires and the Ashes Test match.