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2021-025  Communication today.
Society's fixation with internet platforms such as Facebook.

2021-024P  COVID recovery path.
Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic fraught with potential ups and downs.

2021-023  The different views of celebrating Australia Day on the 26th of January.
Increasing opposition to celebrating Australia Day on the 26th January due to its invasion inference for Aboriginal Australians.

2021-009P  What has not changed over the years.
Went with an article about a supermarket employee retiring after fifty years of service.  The employee commented on how changing technologies had impacted on his work.

2021-003  Graduating VCE students through the year.
Drawn in response to the extra pressures placed on 2020 VCE students due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2021-002P  Coronavirus era desert mirage.
Went with an article on holiday plans of many people thrown into chaos after the closure of the Victorian border due to a spike in coronavirus infections in NSW.

2021-001P  Reduced JobKeeper stepping stones.
Went with article about conerns over the reduction of JobKeeper payments.