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2008-699 5Dec08  Christmas with plenty of laughs.
2008 Aussie Christmas greeting.
2008-729 22Dec08  Christmas without Santa.
The reopening of Christmas Island as a detention centre.
2008-726 18Dec08  Making a big difference.
Questioning look at the benefits of Kevin Rudd's $1,000 Christmas bonus.
2008-694 4Dec08  Increasing numbers.
Population increase and environmental degradation due to lack of water.
2008-683 27Nov08  Aussie stockmen.
Using the movie Australia to contrast the historical differences  between Aussie males.
2008-672P 24Nov08  Debt vacuum.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Rudd's
$1,000 Christmas bonus to families with children.
2008-644P 10Nov08  Belt up or belt down.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the dangers of not wearing seatbelts.
2008-613 21Oct08  Muck up day and year.
Rye look at the criticism of muck up day (final day of school for
VCE students when they celebrate with pranks and high jinx).
2008-593 14Oct08  Even lower stocks.
Contrasting the plight of shareholders with that of pensioners.
2008-584 2Oct08  Paid maternity leave. 
On announcement of paid maternity leave for Australian workers.
2008-579P 29Sept08  Parental leave in Australia.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on plans to offer parental leave.
2008-572 26Sept08  The "all you can" culture.
Society's tendency towards over eating and excessive borrowing.
2008-564 24Sept08  Catholic hospital optometry services.
Australian Catholic hospitals refusing to offer abortions or refer
women who want an abortion to other abortion service providers.
2008-543 15Sept08 Travelling on the economic highway.
Pensioners' standard of living being eroded by higher
inflation and lack of proper indexing of the pension.
2008-538P 11Septo8  Grim Reaper cigarettes.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the number of deaths caused by smoking.
2008-525 5Sept08  Children and work juggling.
Illustrative cartoon that went with article on childcare and the pressures of modern living.
2008-524 4Sept08  Carbon emissions tax exemptions.
Lobbying by interest groups to have parts of the economy exempt from the carbon emissions tax.
2008-514P 1Sept08  Your sacrifice was almost priceless.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article about the Government
planning to charge Long Tan veterans for their medal ribbons.
2008-503 28Aug08  Performance assessments of schools applied to a Circus.
The Government's plan to publish performance assessments of Australian schools.
2008-478 19thAug08  Speed sign.
Practise by many Australians of marking points where their loved ones
have been killed in car crashes with commemorative crosses and flowers.
Many of the victims would have died due to speed.
2008-431 29July08  Aged car service.
Allegorical cartoon drawn in response to a spate
of neglect cases in Australian aged care homes,
2008-421 14July08 Generation Y steps.
Australia's Generation Y staying home longer than the Baby Boomers did.
2008-398 15July08 Like looking a crosses.
The powerful sexual drive of young people and World Youth Day.
2008-363P 1July08  Giving police more powers.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story about  police getting extra
arrest powers for the Catholic Church's World Youth Day in Sydney.
2008-357 1July08  Child protection safety net.
Recent failures by child protection authorities to protect children at risk.
2008-343P 23June08  Australian scales.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the obesity epidemic in Australia.
2008-317 12June08  The piercing look.
Body piercing by teenagers and the generation gap.
2008-310 6June08 Tony Mokbel's escape.
Tony Mokbel's daring escape from Australia in 2006 and his celebrated
toupee that he was wearing when he was caught in Greece.
2008-311P 6June08 The weapon of choice for Christine Nixon and Paul Mullett.
The introduction of automatic pistols to the Victoria police and the animosity
between police commissioner Christine Nixon and police union president Paul Mullett.
2008-306 5June08  Save the over consumption wallies.
The environment and over consumption.
2008-297 2June08  The lost tribe's first contact with civilization.
Alleged discovery of a lost tribe in the Amazon and censorship of art.
2008-293 30May08  When art was strictly censored.
A look at art and censorship in general.
2008-289 29May08  Hoon burnout in a post oil world.
Looking at the looming world oil shortage through the eyes of hoons
2008-281P 26May08  Nazi memorabilia that's never been for sale.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on protest over
Nazi memorabilia being sold at a Victorian market.
2008-279 26May08  Photo of a nude child.
Series of photographs by the photographer Bill Henson depicting nude
pubescent  girls  have been confiscated and banned by the NSW police.
2008-275 23May08  The law and order arms race.
Speculating that calls for Victorian police to be armed with automatic pistols instead
of old style revolvers may simply be another step in an arms race that police can't  win.
2008-267 20May08 Technological edge over a criminal.
Debate over whether the service revolvers carried by
Victoria's police should be replaced with automatic pistols.
2008-260 16May08  Drug dealer's sales pitch.
Raising of the tax on alcopop drinks by the Government in an attempt to stop teenagers
drinking them.  This has the potential to make illegal drugs seem more affordable and palatable.
2008-254P 15May08 Heavy taxation.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the increased tax on alcopops
- sweet alcoholic drinks that are popular amongst younger people.
2008-252 15May08 Have to put the plasma TV on lay-by.
The Australian Government's Baby Bonus to be paid in instalments instead of a lump sum.
It's widely believed that many people were using the money to buy luxury goods such as
plasma TVs instead of on their babies.
2008-250 13May08  Ordinary people discuss the Federal budget.
Ordinary person's view of the bringing down of the Australian Federal budget.
2008-249P 12May08  And 100% of pregnant looking men drink.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article that claimed
a high  percentage of pregnant women drink alcohol.
2008-226P 2May08 The right to divorce.
Campaign by Australian gays for the right to marry and
the high diverse rate amongst heterosexual couples.
2008-209P 24April08  Terrible odds, not so terrible odds.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on ANZAC Day commemorations.
2008-202 22April08  Support for a Republic.
Talk of a Republic in Australia and Prince Charles still waiting to become King.
2008-197 21April08  The Dog on the Tuckerbox today.
Drought in Australia and the drift from the country to the city.
2008-190 18April08  The economy still growing rapidly.
The faltering economy and rising levels of obesity.
2008-189P 17April08  I'm very rich!
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about Australians becoming richer.
2008-171 10April08  The 2020 Summits.
Using the 2020 Summit to highlight the economic
hardship being experienced by many families.
2008-176 14April08  Socially responsible poker machine.
The destructive power of poker machines on the social fabric.
2008-174 11April08  Pokies spot the difference cartoon.
The Victorian Government's breaking of the duopoly on poker
machine licenses will not alleviate the plight of gambling addicts.
2008-173P 10April08  The highest poker machine bidder.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about the Victorian Government
allowing clubs and hotels to directly bid for poker machines.
2008-130 18Mar08 The impact of the Baby Bonus.
People spending the Baby Bonus on luxury items such as plasma TVs.
2008-113 7Mar08  2020 Summit vision.
Few females in key positions at the forthcoming  2020 Summit.
2008-111 6Mar08  The limit of tolerance in Australia.
Looking at religious tolerance through the age old Aussie practice of abusing  the umpire.
2008-098 1Mar08  Modern horror story.
Housing affordability plummeting to a point that most young people can't afford to buy a home.
2008-096P 28Feb08  Preparing for action in Iraq.
Went with article on Australian soldiers being sued by an Iraqi family for wounding them.
2008-088P 26Feb08  2020 Summit.
Complaints that only one of Co-Chairs of the 2020 Summit is female.
2008-057 14Feb08  Valentine's Day this year.
The Sorry Ceremony coinciding with Valentine's Day
2008-049 13Feb08  Saying sorry to blacks.
Using the Sorry Ceremony to the Australian Aboriginal
community to highlight the deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq.
2008-042P 07Feb07  Kokoda trail mine.
Went with an article on protest by local villagers wanting
the opening of a copper mine next to the Kokoda trail.
2008-028 1Feb08  If David Hicks sells his story.
Speculation that David Hicks, the Australian who was incarcerated in
Guantanamo Bay prison is about to sell his story for a large amount of money.
2008-005 22Jan08 Why they need to dredge Port Phillip bay.
The Port Phillip Bay dredging controversy and Australia's high level of imports.