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2007-692   Aussie spirit of Christmas.
Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah and Eid-al-Adha.

2007-737 29Nov07 Modern fairytale.
The high cost of housing.
2007-718 22Nov07  Aussie desert island castaway.
Voter fatigue with the Australian Federal election campaign.
2007-707 16Nov07tense  Time of the year again.
Police apprehension over Schoolies Week.
2007-704 15Nov07  Applying the current level of violence in children's television to Play School.
Complaints that the level of violence depicted in children's' television is way too high.
2007-696 9Nov07  When it's definitely time to give up gambling.
Negative impact of gambling.
2007-694 8Nov07  Drug pushers today.
The recall of the children's craft bead toy called Bindeez due
to the drug like toxic reaction to the beads if  swallowed.
2007-689 5Nov07  Generation Rent.
Speculating that the generation that comes after
generation Y will be known as the Rent generation.
2007-691P 5Nov07  First home buyer today.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on housing affordability.
2007-679 1Nov07   Australian culture Dog on the Tuckerbox.
The American Halloween celebration creeping into Australian culture.
2007-633 11Oct07  Back to teaching Australian history the traditional way.
Prime Minister Howard's plan to implement a more
traditional Australian History syllabus for schools.
2007-596 19Sept07  Uranium for medical purposes.
Assurances by Russia that uranium sold to them by
Australia will only be used for medical purposes.
2007-587 14Sept07  Victorian police line-up.
Alleged links between serving Victorian police and organised crime.
2007-542 28Aug07  Reaction to the horse flu outbreak.
Sideways look at the effects of gambling on family life.
2007-511 15Aug07  Outback Punch and Judy show.
Endemic violence in the Aboriginal community.
2007-508 14Aug07  Horror today.
Panic over a particularly virulent strain of flu this year.
2007-491 7Aug07  Aboriginal Dreamtime today.
Legislation that will take control of Aboriginal land from Aboriginals.
2007-486 3Aug07  The generation gap today.
The rising level of obesity in the younger generation.
2007-485 2Aug07 Modern scales of justice.
How the media is used to distort and manipulate cases before the courts.
2007-479 31July07  Another suspicious person.
A look at the handling of the Mohamed Haneef case
by the Federal Immigration Minister, Kevin Andrews.
2007-458 20July2007   Australian convicts.
A housing shortage in Australia is having a crippling
effect on renters and people with mortgages.
2007-446 17July07  Letting Mohamed Haneef out on bail.
Terrorist suspect Mohamed Haneef detained in an immigration detention
centre by the Federal Government after he was released on bail by the court.
2007-438 11July07  Traditional quarter acre block in the future.
Urbanisation of Australia spelling the end of the traditional quarter acre block.
2007-434 10July07  Housing affordability.
Owning your own home becoming increasingly more difficult for the younger generations.
2007-417 3July07  Removing aboriginal children from harm.
The removal of Aboriginal control of Aboriginal land is a key
plank in the Federal Government's aboriginal welfare reform.
2007-406 28June07  Mr. average citizen.
OK, so it's a sicko cartoon.  It's a quirky look at the latest Australian census
figures which show that the average Australian family has 1.8 children.
2007-395 25June07  Black and white TV.
Pornography and violence in aboriginal communities.
2007-394 22June07  Targeting aborigines.
Sudden up swell of righteous indignation over the level of child
abuse and the general poor state of aboriginal communities.
2007-390 22June07  Stand on your own two feet.
The plight of Australian aboriginals.
2007-389 21June07  Performance pay for teachers.
Performance pay for teachers applied to politicians.
2007-343 1June07  Die Hard 5.
The total ban on smoking in Victorian hotels.
2007-357P 8June07  Valuable Australian Monopoly property.
Using the launch of the Australian version of Monopoly
to highlight the the long term drought in Australia.
2007-338 31May07  White Australia's relationship with indigenous Australia.
A bleak look at white Australia attitudes towards
indigenous Australians over the last fifty years.
2007-299P 16May07  The very high court.
Allegations by a Melbourne lawyer that many lawyers use drugs.
2007-285 10May07  Tertiary education today.
Extra funds for tertiary education at the same time as the cap
on the number of full fee places for students was removed.
2007-296 14May07  How could she!
The Daily Telegraph in Sydney criticised for it's sensational
headline about a mother who abandoned her newborn baby.
2007-264 2May07  Government pregnancy counselling options.
Concerns that the Federal Government's new pregnancy counselling
service may be biased against women seeking an abortion.
2007-231P 19April07  Don't covet my neighbour.
Went with AAP article on a survey result showing that almost
one in four Australians don't want homosexuals as neighbours.
2007-221 16April07  Sunrise program sunrise.
Channel Seven's Sunrise program planned to stage a pre dawn Anzac service
at Long Tan in Vietnam to coincide with the broadcast of their program.
2007-190P 27Mar07  How does Hicks plead?
Went with article on David Hicks' guilty plea.
2007-187 27Mar07  Burnley tunnel speed limit sign.
The recent serious accident in the Burnley tunnel in Melbourne has
sparked debate about what is the safe speed limit for  the tunnel.
2007-178 22Mar07  Broadband that is already widespread.
Using the current internet broadband debate as a
springboard to the problem of increasing levels of obesity.
2007-180P 22Mar07  Tuckshop credit cards.
Went with article on the introduction in some
schools of tuckshop credit cards for students.
2007-171 20Mar07  I'm sticking to beer!
Health research showing that drinking a lot of fruit juice may contribute to obesity.
2007-161 15Mar07  The two brick rule.
Light hearted look at the controversy surrounding the rule introduced by
a Victorian school to limit contact between students of different sexes.
2007-131 2Mar07  David Hicks charged.
David Hicks finally charged after five years of detention without trial.
2007-050 29Jan07  Teaching mathematics.
The ever increasing amount of sundry fees charged
to students going to Government schools.
2007-121 27Feb07  Australia's current procedure for processing asylum seekers.
Our practice of pressuring Southeast Asian countries to take asylum seekers trying to enter Australia.
2007-100 20Feb07  Migrants become like him.
The mythical image of what Australians should be be like.
2007-078P 8Feb07  Applause from a crowd of asbestos victims.
For article on $4.5 billion asbestos compensation
deal from James Hardie after years of delay.
2007-071 6Feb07 Won't be thrown out doing the Mexican wave.
David Hicks and the new rule that sees spectators thrown out
of cricket matches in Australia if they start a Mexican wave.
2007-054 31Jan07  Line dancing in Tamworth.
Racist attacks in Tamworth, the home of Australian country music.
2007-040P 16Jan07  Map of Victoria today.
Widespread  electricity blackouts in the Sate of Victoria.