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2020-302P  Social distancing in the country.
Went with article about snakes being active earlier than usual this spring.

2020-228P  I love visiting the unspoilt bush.
Went with article about the damage caused to the environment when tourists go “off track” in state forests.
2020-184  The coronavirus aftermath wind blow.
2020-079P  Current koala corridor.
Went with article on land clearing eroding Koala wildlife corridors.

2020-078P  Current emissions reduction target.
Coal lobby's resistance to significant carbon emission.

2020-075P Carbon emissions reduction targets.
The consequensces of not significantly reducing carbon emissions.

2020-070P  Cleaning up Australia today.
Went with article on Clean up Australia Day.

2020-056P  National Party climate emergency declaration.
The National party's inability to acknowledge the evidence of global warming.

2020-055P  Another view of the glass  bottle stockpile.
Went with article about council’s stockpiling bottles they can’t recycle.

2020-054P  The good and the bad news for Sydney residents.
After weeks of enduring bushfire smoke haze Sydney residents were hit by extreme flooding.

2020-049P  Signs that the fruit is ripe.
Went with article on picking fruit.

2020-042P  New suburb green spaces.
Went with article about the lack of green space in new suburban developments.

2020-040P  Beach lifeguards this summer.
Went with artcile about this summer being lost (in terms of recreational opportunities).

2020-036  Why koalas commit suicide.
Using Koala habitat lose as a metaphor for society's failure to tackle the causes of suicide.

2020-021 I know how you feel.
Highlighting both the Australia Day protests and the recent damaging bushfires.

2020-024P  Attracting tourists to country Victoria.
Went with article urging tourists to visit the parts of Victoria that haven't been burnt.

2020-025P  Honey flow in bushfire affected areas.
Went with article on beehives being moved from fire affected areas due to lack of honey flow.

2020-017  Modern version of the Magic pudding.
Using the classic Australian children's book, The Magic Pudding, to highlight the increased threat of bushfire due to global warming.

2020-018P  What is your bushfire plan.
Went with article on the importance of having a well-prepared bushfire plan.

2020-014P  Fielding in the outer.
Went with article on the bushfire smoke haze causing visibility problems at cricket matches.

2020-013P  Summer tourism today.
Went with article on the damage the bushfires had down to regional tourism.

2020-011  We have always had droughts and fires.
The impact vested interests have on government policy.

2020-008  Back burning.
The Australian government continuing to disregard evidence of global warming.

2020-003P  Very hard sell.
Went with article on fewer young people joining the CFA.

2020-002  Still smouldering after the fires.
Anger over lack of action on tackling global warming after massive bushfires sweep South Eastern Australia.

2020-001P  Migrating birds this summer.
Went with article on birds fleeing bushfire areas.