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2008-720 15Dec08  Greenhouse gas reduction policy balloons.
A look at Kevin Rudd's minimal commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gases.  The black
balloons were used in an advertising campaign to urge people to reduce their carbon emissions.
2008-719 15Dec08  Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Kevin Rudd's cautious approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
2008-703 9Dec08  Regional transport.
A look at drought via regional transport options.
2008-694 4Dec08  Increasing numbers.
Population increase and environmental degradation due to lack of water.
2008-685 28Nov08 Future weathercock?
Long term weather forecast predicts a drier climate for South Eastern Australia.
2008-671 24Nov08  Wall Street rural Stock Market.
Rural Perspective on the State of the Stock Market
2008-665 20Nov08  Directions in Queensland.
Sever flooding in the State of Queensland.
2008-654 13Nov08  Superpipe pipe down.
Protests in Northern Victoria over the construction of the superpipe
that will pump water from the Murray catchment area to Melbourne.
2008-650 12nOV98  Bailouts.
The government seemingly more keen to bailout the finance
sector than it is to assist the drought effected agricultural sector.
2008-645P 10Nov08  Country pools.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on country
pools and the threat to them due to drought.
2008-620 24Oct  The only thing that isn't falling.
Drop in the stock market and the continuing drought in Southern Australia.
2008-630P 27Oct08  Hazardous wet conditions.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on road accidents due to wet conditions.
2008-609 20Oct08  Might be recycled water.
Lighter look at the fierce opposition in many parts
of Australia to the introduction of recycled water.
2008-581P 30Sept08  Greenhouse gas reduction target speed hump.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the setting of the Australian greenhouse gas  reduction
target at a modest 10%.  Australia's heavy reliance on coal may have influenced that decision.
2008-560P 22Sept08  Garno Report comment.
Claims that the Garno report recommendations not strong enough.
2008-555 19Sept08  Another water supply scheme.
Increasingly outlandish schemes to meet the demand for water.
2008-539 12Sept08  Plenty of dams.
Calls for more dams to be built when the dams
Australian already has are not full due to lack of rain.
2008-532 9Sept08  Greenhouse gas reductions.
Inadequate greenhouse gas reduction targets.
2008-524 4Sept08  Carbon emissions tax exemptions.
Lobbying by interest groups to have parts of the economy exempt from the carbon emissions tax.
2008-516 2Sept08  Farmers' skid row.
Australian irrigation farmers in dire straits due to lack of water.
2008-475 18Aug08  Farmer's sunny day.
The excitement rain can generate after a long dry spell.
2008-492 25Aug08 Common Australian freshwater octopus.
Overuse of water from Australian rivers.
2008-461 11Aug08  Retrospective road sign.
Icy road conditions in Southern Australia.
2008-460 11Aug08  Water allocation this year.
Drastic cuts to water allocation for irrigators in the Murray Darling
river system while water pipes being constructed to urban centres.
2008-457 11Aug08  Getting angry about environmental degradation.
Pollution at the Beijing Olympic games.
2008-453 6Aug08  Rejuvenating the Coorong.
Federal Government admitting that they can't save the Coorong wetlands of the lower Murray river.
2008-440 1Aug08  Carbon emissions trading Noah's ark.
Procrastination over how and when to introduce
a carbon emissions trading scheme to Australia.
2008-410 18July08  The Government's environmental Green Paper.
Allegations that the Government's environmental Green Paper has been compromised by the coal lobby.
2008-404 17July08  Australia's greenhouse gas reduction strategy.
Australia unwilling to reduce coal exports to tackle global warming.
2008-382 10July08  The Murray River's Father Time.
Time running out to save the lower parts of the Murray River.
2008-371 7July08  The water allocation Scales of Justice.
The water allocation process is often not fair.
2008-376 8July08  Today's priorities.
News of movie star Nichole Kidman having a baby
seeming to get a higher priority then the G8 Summit.
2008-366 4July08  River snags.
Excessive pumping of water from rivers impacting on environmental flows in the rivers.
2008-345P 24June08 Super environmentally friendly petrol.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story on Caltex calling for people to use less petrol.
2008-323P 16June08  Irrigators'  water allocation this season.
Pocket cartoon that went with story that Murray river
irrigators in SA are to get just 2% of their water allocation.
2008-308 5June08  Kevin Rudd tackling global warming.
Prime Minister Rudd tentative response to global warming.
2008-306 5June08  Save the over consumption wallies.
The environment and over consumption.
2008-289 29May08  Hoon burnout in a post oil world.
Looking at the looming world oil shortage through the eyes of hoons
2008-259 16May08 Cloud over solar power.
The powerful coal lobby allegedly stifling the emerging solar power industry.
2008-262 19May08  Installing solar panels.
Changes to solar power rebates by the Australian Government threatens
to force many solar power installation companies out of business.
2008-236 7May08  Country baby bonus.
The Australian baby bonus and prolonged drought in south Eastern Australia.
2008-223 2May08  Above average rainfall.
Consistently below aver age rainfall
2008-217 29April08  Passing the hat around for the water buyback scheme.
Record low flows in the Murray river and
the Government's water buyback scheme.
2008-198 21April08  Environmental campaigns.
Government dragging it's feet when tackling environmental problems.
2008-191 18April08 The Government getting ride of plastic bags.
The Australian Government's reluctance to take action to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags.
2008-170 10April08  The Department to ensure we don't run out of water.
A dig at the management of water resources.
2008-152 3April08  Reality TV today.
Global warming causing widespread drought.
2008-135 19March08 The Department for recording rainfall.
Prolonged drought in South Eastern Australia.
2008-119 12Mar08  Earth hour.
The upcoming Earth Hour activity and the continuing drought conditions in Southern Australia.
2008-115 11Mar08  The rare spotted Cumulonimbus.
Rain clouds increasingly rare in Southern Australia.
2008-091 27Feb08 Inland waters fishing today.
The Federal Government's scheme to buyback water rights
from farmers  to bolster environmental water flows in rivers.
2008-083 25Feb08  2038 Sorry Day.
Musing that in thirty years time today's generation will be saying sorry
to tomorrow's generation for the environmental degradation of the planet.
2008-045 11Feb08  Signs that it's been dry for a long time.
Prolonged drought in Southern Australia.
2008-034P 4Feb08 Drought bus coming.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the Government's Drought
Bus that has been touring drought stricken parts of country Australia.
2008-008 24Jan08  Water restrictions.
Heavy flooding in Queensland in stark contrast to the drought conditions in much of Victoria.