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2007-788 20Dec07  Ideal stocking filler for a farmer.
Long term drought conditions making farmers desperate for water.
2007-787 20Dec07  Aussie Christmas Carol.
Reflection on Australia's hot dry climate.
2007-774 14Dec07  Kevin Rudd climate change.
Kevin Rudd backtracking on climate change commitments
made during the Federal election campaign.
2007-770 12Dec07  Fluoridated or non fluoridated water.
Fierce debate ranging in a number of Australian Regional
towns over whether to add fluoride to the water supply.
2007-750 4Dec07 Finally decided to ratify Kyoto.
Australia finally going to ratify Kyoto.
2007-741 30Dec07   Answer - A protest movement.
A look at the controversy that surrounds the genetic modification of food.
2007-708 16Nov07  Lake Dreams housing development.
Global warming, drought and development.
2007-707 16Nov07tense  Time of the year again.
2007-678 30Oct07  Global warming evidence.
Ongoing drought making convincing many Australian farmers of the reality of global warming.
2007-673 29Oct07  Drought map of Victoria.
Reducing water flow in  the Murray river.
2007-649 18Oct07  This year's Spring racing carnival.
Using horses to highlight the impact of drought.
2007-648 18Oct07  Making use of umbrellas today.
Umbrellas rarely used in the current drought conditions.
2007-644 16Oct07  How tax cuts can protect you from global warming.
The latest proposed tax cuts will cut the funds available to fight global warming.
2007-624 8Oct07  Lots of dust to lots of dust.
A look at the plight of farmers effected by the ongoing drought.
2007-627P 8Oct07  Water price scale.
Ongoing drought impacting on the price of water.
2007-612 3Oct07  The dog on the tuckerbox today.
Very Aussie look at the ongoing drought in Australia.  The Dog on
the Tuckerbox is a monument to the Australian pioneering spirit.
2007-582 13Sept07  The one sports club that isn't worried about the water shortage.
The water shortage effecting sporting clubs.
2007-596 19Sept07  Uranium for medical purposes.
Assurances by Russia that uranium sold to them by
Australia will only be used for medical purposes.
2007-591 17Sept07  Green sportsground.
Ongoing drought in South Eastern Australia making
it very difficult to keep local sportsgrounds green.
2007-578 12Sept07 Driza-Bone bathers.
Using the iconic Aussie coat Driza-Bone to highlight the
ongoing drought conditions in South Eastern Australia.
2007-556 4Sept07  A full rain gauge today.
Shaping up for another dry Summer in South Eastern Australia.
2007-565 6Sept07 Farmers' Grim Reaper.
Destructive effect that drought has on farmers.
2007-561 5Sept07  The running of the Horse Flu Stakes.
Economic impact of the horse flu outbreak in Australia.
2007-559P 4Sept07  Horses at this year's Melbourne Show.
Pocket cartoon on the banning of horses at this year's Melbourne Show due to the horse flu.
2007-550 31Aug07 Race calling today.
Rapid spread of the horse flu outbreak in Australia.
2007-546 30Aug07 The steeplechase hurdles this year.
Horse flu devastating the Australian racing industry.
2007-530 23Aug07  Pulp mill fiction.
The questioning the environmental impact assessment
process for the Gunns pulp mill in Tasmania.
2007-511 15Aug07  Outback Punch and Judy show.
Endemic violence in the Aboriginal community.
2007-491 7Aug07  Aboriginal Dreamtime today.
Legislation that will take control of Aboriginal land from Aboriginals.
2007-487 3Aug07  Definition of a green corridor.
Rising pressure to use land earmarked as green
corridors (open space) to developed for housing.
2007-461 24July07  Kevin Rudd's forest policy.
Kevin Rudd's Forrest policy primarily aimed at unseating John Howard.
2007-426 5July07  No longer stuck in a drought cycle.
Recent persistent rain may spell the end of a ten year drought cycle.
2007-417 3July07  Removing aboriginal children from harm.
The removal of Aboriginal control of Aboriginal land is a key
plank in the Federal Government's aboriginal welfare reform.
2007-410 29June07  Fighting crime in Australia.
The Federal Government taking control of Aboriginal owned land as
part of their crackdown on crime and poverty in Aboriginal communities.
2007-405 28June07  Gippsland sermon.
Drought breaking floods in Gippsland.
2007-404P 27June07  The good news is that the drought has broken!
Flooding in Gippsland heralding the breaking of the drought in that part of Australia.
2007-395 25June07  Black and white TV.
Pornography and violence in aboriginal communities.
2007-394 22June07  Targeting aborigines.
Sudden up swell of righteous indignation over the level of child
abuse and the general poor state of aboriginal communities.
2007-381 19June07  Slow country life.
Slow internet speeds in the country.
2007-379 18June07  Water supply decision making.
Dithering about taking action on Australia's dwindling water resources.
2007-359 11June07  Fill their water tanks.
Contrasting the flood in the Hunter Valley with the
state of drought over much of the rest of Australia.
2007-353 7June07  Common roadside memorial.
Spate of railway crossing smashes in Victoria (Australia).
2007-352 7June07  Viewing the vital signs.
Rosy economic signs in stark contrast to the deteriorating environment.
2007-305 18May07  Wealth in the country.
Pointing out how poor life would be without water.
2007-324 25May07  The answer is blowing in the wind.
The rapid growth in the wind farm industry dividing many rural communities.
2007-314 22May07  Last country doctor.
Doctor shortage in the country.
2007-294 14May07  Desert mirage today.
Comment on the length of the drought currently afflicting Australia.
2007-286 10May07  Basking in the sun.
The looming threat of global warming threatens
to overshadow the current good economic times.
2007-260 1May07  Why would anyone want to put a wind farm here.
Wind farm developments often opposed by local protest groups.
2007-272 4May07  Educating children today.
Recent heavy rains in parts of South Eastern Australia
a new experience for many young children.
2007-259 30April07  Happy, ecstatic.
Significant rains in much of Australia.
2007-243 24April07 The part of Australia that has forgotten.
ANZAC day and dying country towns, largely due to drought.
2007-242 24April07  Australia rising speech.
John Howard's "Australia rising" speech and drought in Australia.
2007-235 23April07  Quoting Menzies today.
Using Robert Menzies' classic quote about Queen Elizabeth
to highlight the extent of drought in Australia today.
2007-234 20April07  Very dry white wine.
Drought tipped to reduce  wine production in Australia this year.
2007-227 18April07  Lost in the desert today.
Drought and low water storage levels.
2007-220 16April07  Australia's weather pattern.
The current El Nino/La Nina weather pattern falling
well below normal rainfall patterns for Australia.
2007-215 5April07  Spot the parcel least likely to break.
Quirky look at the fact that the drought across
much of South Eastern Australia still hasn't broken.
2007-214 4April07 Guns.
The Tasmanian timber company Gunns using their legal muscle
to intimidate people protesting about Gunns' planned pulp mill.
2007-206 2April07  Country football terms.
Hard football grounds due to the drought increasing
the number of injuries to football players.
2007-200 30Mar07 The drought has finally broken!
Footy fever breaking out with the start of the footy season.
2007-204P 30Mar07 Foot ground training.
Went with article on the poor state of country football grounds due to the drought.
2007-196 29Mar07  Our Green Prime Minister.
John Howard's reluctance to fully commit to carbon emission reductions.
2007-193P 28Mar07 Farmer's dependents.
A look at the EC - Exceptional Circumstances assistance
for farmers who have been affected by drought.
2007-164 16Mar07  What is your water policy?
Lack of information on policies but plenty of mud
slinging in the lead up to the Australian Federal election.
2007-160 15Mar07  Trying to change channels.
Esoteric look at the psychological impact of global warming.
2007-157 14Mar07  Passed by everyone on the road.
Australia being left behind in the environment stakes as the UK and
other countries introduce tougher carbon emission reduction targets.
2007-148 9Mar07  Water restrictions expressed as a python.
The squeeze of water restrictions.
2007-150P 9Mar07  Queensland, the sunshine state.
Stage five water restrictions in South East Queensland.
2007-136 6Mar07  Australia, a land of no water but plenty of mud.
Latest round of political mud slinging initiated.
2007-099 19Feb07  Drought relief today.  
A comment on how prolonged and widespread the drought in has been in Australia.
2007-077 8Feb07  Trying to pull the water supply rabbit out of hat.
Demand for water exceeding available supply.
2007-057 1Feb07  Water security in the future?
What may happen if water supplies are not secured for all.
2007-058 1Feb07  The Prime Minister and Premiers finding common ground.
The States and the Federal Government moving towards
agreement on the management of the Murray Darling.
2007-054 31Jan07  Line dancing in Tamworth.
Racist attacks in Tamworth, the home of Australian country music.
2007-043 18Jan07  Water policy planning applied to transport policy.
Lack of long term water use planning.
2007-034 15Jan07  Country water sports.
Drought affecting country sporting activities.
2007-005 5Jan07  The States of Australia.
Widespread drought in Australia.
2007-016 9Jan07  Water flow.
Drought and the growth of  the bottled water industry.