2018-407P  Scott Morrison version of fishes and loaves parable.
Scott Morrison’s religious views and his support for the coal industry.

2018-404P  Reducing global warming expressed as parachuting.
Morrison 'not convinced' pulling out of Paris treaty would cut energy prices.

2018-394P  Special envoy appointments.
On the appointment of Tony Abbott as special envoy on indigenous affairs.

2018-393P  The drought politicians always take action on.
The politics of dealing with climate change induced drought.

2018-389P  Tony Abbott's promise.
On Tony Abbott’s claim that “the era of the political assassin is over”.

2018-387P  The political undermining process.
Australian voters have a track record of punishing political parties that dump their Prime minister.

2018-383P  Latest Liberal Party leadership race.
On the latest Liberal Party leadership race.

2018-379P  Reporting on federal politics today.
A look at the brutal leadership battle currently unfolding within the Liberal Party.

2018-378P  Tackling global warming options on offer thus far.
Failure to seriously tackle global warming.

2018-373P  If environmental water flows were supplied by bucket.
Barnaby Joyce accused of tilting Murray-Darling authority towards irrigators.

2018-365P  Diverting environmental flows to help drought stricken farmers.
On calls for Murray Darling environmental flows be diverted back to drought stricken farmers.

2018-364P  The Government's preferred ABC comedy.
On the ABC axing the comedy show Tonightly.

2018-353  Emissions reduction targets expressed as safety net.
The states at odds with the federal government’s weak emissions reduction target.

2018-349P  Democracy would be perfect if it wasn't for the voters.
On John Howard’s comment that Jacinda Ardern’s victory in the recent New Zealand election was “disappointing, unjust and unfair”.

2018-341  If you are black and do the crime you do the media airtime.
The media frenzy whenever black African youths are involved in criminal activities.

2018-336P  The current required immigration values.
On Turnbull’s comment that Australia will consider adding a “values test” for those considering permanent residency.

2018-323P  ABC digital platforms.
Attempts by the LNP to limit the ABC’s use of digital platforms.
2018-316  Diets.
ABC funding cutbacks threatening the very survival of the ABC.

2018-313P  Use of paper.
On businesses using paper instead of plastic.

2018-310P  Democracy according to David Leyonhjelm.
Australian politician David Leyonhjelm's misogynistic view of female politicians.

2018-306P  Tax options expressed as a road.
Pointing out that tax cuts usually lead to cuts to services and infrastructure.

2018-302  Think carefully before giving tax cuts.
The difficulty of reimposing taxes that have been previously cut.

2018-296P  The wheels of democracy today.
National Security legislation eroding civil liberties.

2018-293P  The National Energy Guarantee that won't be open to all.
On calls for the national energy guarantee  meeting be open to all.

018-290P  The ABC is too left wing.
On claims by Malcolm Turnbull that the ABC is biased towards the left of politics.

2018-289  Political debate today.
Lack of serious political debate about the threat of global warming.
2018-285P  Do you know how to save the Barrier reef?
On a parliamentary inquiry to examine how a $444m grant for work on the Great Barrier Reef was awarded to a small not-for-profit charity.

2018-284P  Not using the ABC as a punching bag.
On ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie’s comment that Australians do not like seeing the ABC being used as a “punching bag” by narrow political, commercial or ideological interests.

2018-281P  We won't privatise the ABC.
On assurances by the Federal government that they won’t privatise the ABC.

2018-271P  I believe in the free market.
The dependence on government expenditure of many businesses.

018-269P  Future graduation gowns.
On University of Sydney academics signing an open letter opposing any push to introduce a western civilisation degree funded by the John Howard-backed Ramsay Centre.

2018-262P  The fully funded NDIS.
Questioning the level of funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

2018-261P  Political compassion.
The lack of compassion showed by many politicians to people receiving welfare.

2018-259P  Support for refugees.
The Federal government's seemingly less than supportive handling of refugees.

2018-242P  Job shedding expressed as hair loss.
On the ABC being forced to shed 1,012 jobs since 2014.

2018-229P  The ABC that the government would fully fund.
On further ABC funding cuts.

2018-216P  Further ABC funding cuts.
On the latest round of ABC funding cuts.

2018-211P  Common pre-election sweeteners.
Tax cuts to big business.

2018-205P  What Newstart allowance recipients really live on.
On claims by MP Julia Banks that she could live on the $40 a day Newstart allowance.

2018-178P  Culturally significant sites will be protected.
On the Northern Territory government lifting the ban on gas fracking.

2018-171P  ABC content that's rising.
On the erosion of the Australian Broadcasting corporation’s independence.

2018-156P  The Greens current policy platform.
On claims that the Greens leader Richard Di Natale is seeking to alter the Greens’ policy platform.

2018-152P  Honest Mal's used power generation vehicles.
On the Government pushing Alinta Energy to buy AGL’s ailing Liddell coal-fired power station.

2018-150P  The gospel according to Tony Abbott.
On the Tony Abbott’s fixation on coal at the expense of renewables.

2018-143P  Government concerns over Regional forestry agreements.
Questioning the Environmental protection capabilities of current Regional Forestry Agreements.
2018-140P  Today's gun control agreement.
On the 1996 National firearms agreement being deliberately eroded by some of the States.

2018-133P  Counting the loopholes in Queensland's land clearing laws.
Drawn in response to an article about loopholes in the Queensland Government’s new land-clearing laws that ‘would allow broad scale razing’.

2018-131P  Implementing the SA government's new renewable energy policy.
The new South Australian Liberal Government flagging changes to the current SA renewable energy policy.

2018-128P  Welcome to the club.
On the Greens political infighting in the wake of the Batman by-election.

2018-124P  The Government's preferred ABC news coverage.
On the head of the ABC, Michelle Guthrie, claiming that ABC news should cover more human interest stories.  Guthrie was an appointee of the current LNP government.

2018-122P  Watering down the gun laws.
On Peter Dutton being in talks to create a gun lobby to change the gun laws.

2018-113P  Well that didn't cost us much.
On Australia being granted an exemption from the US steel tariff.

2018-106P  Enforcing land clearing regulations.
On Queensland MPs forcing government to back off on land-clearing enforcement.

2018-103P  High calibre candidates.
On the Tasmanian Liberal government’s promise to soften Tasmania’s gun laws.

2018-095P  Bill Shorten's chameleon stance.
Opposition leader Bill Shorten's ambiguous stance on the Adani mine.

2018-091P  Do not know Michael McCormack.
On the appointment of Michael McCormack as the new leader of the National Party.

2018-090P  More interested in closing the gap.
Malcolm Turnbull no longer caring about reconciliation with Indigenous Australians.
2018-080P  Where Labor stands on the Adani mine.
On the ALP’s failure to take a definite position on the Adani mine.

2018-076P  Christensen only joking.
On George Christensen’s “do you feel lucky, greenie punks?” faux pas.

2018-074P Morality in politics.
On Turnbull’s ban on Ministers having sex with ministerial staffers.

2018-048P Only a small amount red tape.
Aust. Federal government's attempts to limit political lobbying by charities.

2018-045P-V  Filing cabinet security.
Top secret documents left in old government filing cabinet.

2018-037P  Charitable groups rights.
The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission pushing for new powers to regulate charities.

2018-034P  The Government's  Great Barrier reef rescue package.
Great Barrier Reef to get $60m rescue package from government.

2018-036P  ALP hierarchy door.
Why the ALP grass roots membership is so much smaller today.

2018-026P Dental service waiting room.
Federal funding cuts for dental health services increasing waiting times for treatment.

2018-025  Celebrating 26th January.
Using Australia day to remind people that a quarter of the Australian flag is made up of another country’s flag.

2018-022P  If only the judiciary was like him.
On Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton’s criticism of the judiciary.

2018-011P  Politician seeking policy advice.
Politicians increasingly disregarding expert policy advice that does not fit with their ideological views.