2008-729 22Dec08  Christmas without Santa.
The reopening of Christmas Island as a detention centre.
2008-726 18Dec08  Making a big difference.
Questioning look at the benefits of Kevin Rudd's $1,000 Christmas bonus.
2008-720 15Dec08  Greenhouse gas reduction policy balloons.
A look at Kevin Rudd's minimal commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gases.  The black
balloons were used in an advertising campaign to urge people to reduce their carbon emissions.
2008-719 15Dec08  Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Kevin Rudd's cautious approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
2008-711P 11Dec08  Kevin Rudd Santa.
Pocket cartoon that want with article on Rudd's
$1,000 Christmas bonus for every Australian child.
2008-680 27Nov08  Government Departments.
Dangers the government faces if it runs a budget deficit.
2008-672P 24Nov08  Debt vacuum.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Rudd's
$1,000 Christmas bonus to families with children.
2008-657 17Nov08  Open season on economists.
Federal government's proposal for a national ban
on duck hunting tied in with current economic woes.
2008-652 13Nov08  The digital education revolution.
Revolt by the States to Rudd's digital education revolution.
2008-633 29Oct08  Investment funds manager In and Out trays.
Government guarantee of bank deposits has initiated a rush to transfer money
from investment funds to banks, forcing many investment funds to freeze their assets.
2008-627 27Oct08  Government guaranteed.
Esoteric look at the Australian Government's bank deposit guarantee.
2008-546P 16Sept08  Handing over the baton.
Malcolm Turnbull taking over as leader of the opposition from Brendan Nelson.
2008-534 11Sept08  Reading Peter Costello's memoir.
Speculating that John Howard's reaction to Peter Costello's memoir might be very negative.
2008-533 10Sept08 Rudd and the bush in agreement.
Kevin Rudd's defence budget announcement and the plight of rural Australia.
2008-530 8Sept08  Aquatic version of the political map of Australia.
The mauling Labor received in Western Australia by the Liberals.
2008-514P 1Sept08  Your sacrifice was almost priceless.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article about the Government
planning to charge Long Tan veterans for their medal ribbons.
2008-507 29Aug08  Incendiary devices.
Senate's hostility to the Government's bill to increase the tax on alcopops.
2008-410 18July08  The Government's environmental Green Paper.
Allegations that the Government's environmental Green Paper has been compromised by the coal lobby.
2008-344 24June08 Modern version of The Man from Snowy River.
Inflation becoming a problem in Australia.
2008-342P 23rd June  Don Chipp Democrats.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about the Australian Democrats considering changing their name.
2008-332 20June08 Iguana Joe.
Fallout from the fracas between Iguana Joe's nightclub staff and Belinda
Neal continues while the Prime Minister takes a very low profile.
2008-325 17June08  Brendan Nelson's impersonation of Moses parting the Red Sea.
Opposition Brendan Nelson's implying that he
has the answers to stem the rising price of petrol.
2008-308 5June08  Kevin Rudd tackling global warming.
Prime Minister Rudd tentative response to global warming.
2008-284 27May08  Bringing down the price of petrol.
Kevin Rudd ineffectual in controlling the price of petrol.
2008-269P 20May08  Down to earth Kevin Rudd.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the latest opinion
poll showing a very high approval rating for  Kevin Rudd.
2008-264P 19May08  Journalist going for a leak.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about political leaks within the Liberal Party.
2008-252 15May08 Have to put the plasma TV on lay-by.
The Australian Government's Baby Bonus to be paid in instalments instead of a lump sum.
It's widely believed that many people were using the money to buy luxury goods such as
plasma TVs instead of on their babies.
2008-203P 22April08  Liberal party fortune telling.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the parlous state of the Australian Liberal Party.
2008-191 18April08 The Government getting ride of plastic bags.
The Australian Government's reluctance to take action to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags.
2008-177 14April08  Women shouldn't be in power.
Quentin Bryce appointed Australia's first female Governor-General.
2008-180P 14April08  Brendan Nelson's listening tour.
Opposition leader Brendan Nelson on a listening tour around Australia while
at a the same time there is talk within the Liberal Party of dumping him as leader.
2008-172P 10Aug08  Rudd's blunt comments about Tibet.
Went with pocket cartoon of Kevin Rudd's comments
to the Chinese about human rights violations in Tibet.
2008-166 8April08  Rudd leaning towards a Republic.
Prime Minister Rudd's strengthening friendship with China and his
comments about Australia leaning towards becoming a republic.
2008-113 7Mar08  2020 Summit vision.
Few females in key positions at the forthcoming  2020 Summit.
2008-077P 21Feb08  Question time for Alexander Downer.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about Alexander Downer having
lunch at a restaurant instead of attending parliamentary question time.
2008-069P 18Feb08  As long as it's not Brian Burke.
Kevin Rudd distancing himself from any association with Brian Burke.
2008-056P 13Feb08  John Howard gone walkabout.
Went with article on John Howard being the only ex Prime Minister not to
attend the Sorry Ceremony to apologise to the Australian Aboriginal community.
John Howard was opposed to saying sorry.  Walkabout is an aboriginal term.
2008-052P 12Feb08  200 years late.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on Kevin
Rudd saying sorry to the aboriginal community.
2008-050 12Feb08  The hare and tortoise race that the hare won.
Rudd rushing to say sorry to the aboriginal community after years of Howard refusing say sorry.
2008-041 7Feb08  Separated not stolen.
Quirky look at the Liberal Party's use of the word  "Separated" instead of "Stolen"
when identifying those Aboriginals who were forcibly removed from their families.
2008-034P 4Feb08 Drought bus coming.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the Government's Drought
Bus that has been touring drought stricken parts of country Australia.
2008-032 4Feb08  Kevin and interest rate rises.
Rising interest rates making it much tougher for the new Rudd government.