economic, business & industrial relations

2008-712 12Dec08  Good news for hoons.
Rye look at the economic downturn forcing the price of petrol down.
2008-707 11Dec08  Distances in Australia.
Looming economic downturn in Australia.
2008-693 3Dec08  Economic downturn.
Contrasting the relatively mild economic downturn
in Australia with the veritable crash in the US.
2008-689 2Dec08  Reserve Bank urgent delivery.
Series of interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank.
2008-680 27Nov08  Government Departments.
Dangers the government faces if it runs a budget deficit.
2008-671 24Nov08  Wall Street rural Stock Market.
Rural Perspective on the State of the Stock Market
2008-650 12nOV98  Bailouts.
The government seemingly more keen to bailout the finance
sector than it is to assist the drought effected agricultural sector.
2008-642 10Nov08  The repo man.
ABC Learning Centres, the biggest childcare
provider in Australia, going into receivership.
2008-633 29Oct08  Investment funds manager In and Out trays.
Government guarantee of bank deposits has initiated a rush to transfer money
from investment funds to banks, forcing many investment funds to freeze their assets.
2008-620 24Oct  The only thing that isn't falling.
Drop in the stock market and the continuing drought in Southern Australia.
2008-600 17Oct08  Spring racing carnival mounts.
Start of the Spring racing carnival and the economic downturn.
2008-543 15Sept08 Travelling on the economic highway.
Pensioners' standard of living being eroded by higher
inflation and lack of proper indexing of the pension.
2008-512P 1Sept08  Death row reprieve.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article about interest rates dropping.
2008-510 2Sept08  Interest rate cuts.
Emphasising how big the interest rates cuts will have
to be in order to subdue the high interest rates monster.
2008-490 22Aug08  New Ford personnel manager.
Recent Ford Job loses.
2008-455 7Aug08  Economic lion tamer.
Difficulty in controlling inflation.
2008-472 15Aug08  Those magnificent interest rates men.
High Australian bank interest rates.
2008-463 12Aug08  Going for broke.
High interest rates and the Olympic Games.
2008-454 7Aug08  Man does not live by bread alone.
High cost of groceries.
2008-448 5Aug08  The Reserve Bank assessing whether the economy is slowing.
The Reserve bank slow to react to the slowing economy.
2008-430 28July08  Qantas safety reputation.
Incident where a Qantas plan lost part of it's fuselage during a  flight.
2008-429 28July08 Retail price of petrol.
Petrol stations quick to pass on Wholesale petrol price rises to customers
but slow to to respond when the wholesale price of petrol falls.
2008-420 23July08 Fuelling the inflation fire.
Rising inflation rate primarily fuelled by the rapidly rising price of petrol.
2008-415P 21July08  The new Myer cosmetics counter.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP story about Myer planing to open a store in Dubai.
2008-404 17July08  Australia's greenhouse gas reduction strategy.
Australia unwilling to reduce coal exports to tackle global warming.
2008-403 16July08  Interest rates on hold.
Australian banks raising their interest rates despite the
Reserve Bank putting official interest rates on hold.
2008-383P 10July08  The disappearing cash in the wallet trick.
Pocket cartoon that went with AAP article on the rapidly rising price of petrol.
2008-344 24June08 Modern version of The Man from Snowy River.
Inflation becoming a problem in Australia.
2008-335P 20June08 Richard Pratt's boxes.
Pocket cartoon that went with article about Richard Pratt facing
criminal charges over price fixing. Pratt's company makes boxes.
2008-314P 10June08  The hybrid car that will never be made.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the announcement
that Toyota Australia will be making a hybrid car.
2008-284 27May08  Bringing down the price of petrol.
Kevin Rudd ineffectual in controlling the price of petrol.
2008-262 19May08  Installing solar panels.
Changes to solar power rebates by the Australian Government threatens
to force many solar power installation companies out of business.
2008-250 13May08  Ordinary people discuss the Federal budget.
Ordinary person's view of the bringing down of the Australian Federal budget.
2008-247 12May08  Westpacman.
Proposed merger of Westpac and St. George banks.
2008-242 9May08  Inflation control parachute.
The Reserve Bank's use of  interest rate rises to reduce
inflation hitting many ordinary people quite hard.
2008-232 6May08  Pegging down inflation.
Inflation still rising despite efforts to reign it in.
2008-189P 17April08  I'm very rich!
Pocket cartoon that went with an article about Australians becoming richer.
2008-171 10April08  The 2020 Summits.
Using the 2020 Summit to highlight the economic
hardship being experienced by many families.
2008-145 1April08  Successful loan applicant today.
Banks giving loans to high risk applicants.
2008-106 4Mar08  Reading about housing affordability.
Soaring cost of housing forcing people onto the streets.
2008-120 13Mar08  The tortoise and hare and fox race.
First home buyers being priced out of the housing market by investors.
2008-110 6Mar08  Battlers' rollercoaster.
Contrasting  share price fluctuations with the plight of battlers (poor people).
2008-109 5Mar08  Interest rates bowling balls.
Rising interest rates increasing the bankruptcy rate.
2008-102 4Mar08  Mr. Home Loan at the interest rate rises dentist.
Succession of interest rate rises causing a lot of pain for people with home loans.
2008-098 1Mar08  Modern horror story.
Housing affordability plummeting to a point that most young people can't afford to buy a home.
2008-093 28Feb08  Bursting bubbles.
Collapse of the ABC Learning Centres' share price.
2008-074 21Feb08  Changes to Australian Workplace Agreements.
The scrapping of AWAs.
2008-073 20Feb08  The impact of another tax cut.
Concerns that the impending tax cut will push up the inflation rate.
2008-063 15Feb08  The soaring eagle.
Interest rate rises negating any benefits from tax cuts.
2008-053P 12Feb08  Happy to get laid off.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the
closure of the Mitsubishi car plant in Adelaide.
2008-036 5Feb08  Raising interest rates.
Governments' risk a voter backlash when interest rates are on the rise.
2008-020P 29Jan08  Parents sending their kids back to school.
Pocket cartoon that went with an article on the high cost of sending children to school.