economic, business & industrial relations

2007-665 25Oct07  The little inflation engine.
Tax cuts proposed by both Labor and the Liberals tipped to drive up inflation.
2007-699 12Nov07  Risky circus act.
The double whammy of inflation and interest
rate rises impacting on people with home loans.
2007-695 8Nov07  The interest rate rise moat.
Using the quote to "A man's home is his castle" to highlight the
threat rising interest rates pose to people with large home mortgages.
2007-689 5Nov07  Generation Rent.
Speculating that the generation that comes after
generation Y will be known as the Rent generation.
2007-691P 5Nov07  First home buyer today.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on housing affordability.
2007-669 26Oct07  Inflation balloons.
Rapidly rising price of vegetables in Australia.
2007-663 24Oct07 The nurse patient ratio applied to the bed patient ratio.
Nurses dissatisfied with the poor nurse patient ratio.
2007-607 2Oct07  Modern Three Little Pigs.
A look at mortgage stress through the Three Little Pigs tale.
2007-593 18Sept07  Credit card size.
Large and ever increasing credit card debt.
2007-561 5Sept07  The running of the Horse Flu Stakes.
Economic impact of the horse flu outbreak in Australia.
2007-545 30Aug07  Kevin Rudd's balanced industrial relations policy.
Both unions and business critical of Rudd's IR policy.
2007-527 22Aug07  Dog on treasury surplus tuckerbox.
Massive Federal government surplus.
2007-502 10Aug07  WorkChoices applied to Roman galley slaves.
WorkChoices is the the Federal Government's
program to further deregulate the labour market.
2007-495P 8Aug07  Interest rate rise to support.
Pocket cartoon that went with article
on the latest interest rate rise.
2007-471P 26July07  Paying off your mortgage.
Pocket cartoon that went with article on the high percentage
of total household income going to pay off the mortgage.
2007-458 20July2007   Australian convicts.
A housing shortage in Australia is having a crippling
effect on renters and people with mortgages.
2007-454 19July07  Four on the floor Ford Falcon.
600 jobs to go at the Ford engine plant.
2007-451 18July07  Driving and Australian made Ford car.
Closure of the Ford engine plant in Geelong.
2007-440 12July07  Company bankruptcy domino effect.
A look at the impact on small investors when a company collapses.
2007-429 6July07  Low-paid works wage rise.
$10.26 a week wage rise given to low payed workers by the Fair Pay
Commission in stark contrast to wage rises for higher salaried workers.
2007-388 21June07  The assent of communications man.
Fighting over the introduction of high speed broadband in Australia.
2007-361 12June07  Australian broadband internet wheels.
Poor standard of Australia's broadband internet network.
2007-351 6June07  Rollout of the new high speed cable.
Telstra stalling on the roll out of the new high speed internet
cable in an attempt to broker a more competitive deal.
2007-330 28May07  WorkChoices fairness test.
The Federal Government's introduction of a fairness test in
an attempt to soften the negative response to WorkChoices.
2007-313 22May07  WorkChoices : know were you stand.
The Impact of WorkChoices on Australian workers.
2007-310P 18May07  The boning of Eddie McGuire.
Eddie McGuire standing down as head of Channel Nine
amidst rumours that PBL were unhappy with his performance.
2007-306 18May07  Channel Nine logo.
Eddie McGuire standing down as head of Channel Nine.
2007-281 9May07  Corporate takeover turbulence.
The damaging impact on Qantas of the attempted
corporate takeover bid by a private equity consortium.
2007-280P 8May07  What remains the same.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-279P 8May07  Trump cards in the election poker game.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-278P 8May07  Federal Budget funding.
Went with article on the Australian Federal Budget.
2007-271 4May07  Softening of WorkChoices.
The Federal government's scaling back of WorkChoices legislation.
2007-233P 19April07  Broadband that Telstra is interested in.
Went with article on Telstra saying it will not role out a new high
speed broadband network unless it's profits can be guaranteed.
2007-189P 27Mar07  Petrol price rising.
Went with article on the price of petrol rising very rapidly.
2007-142P 7Mar07  The flying away kangaroo?
The takeover of Qantas may spell the end
to the airliner as an Australian company.
2007-122P 27Feb07  Ron Walker's radioactive sign.
Ron Walker is the head of a business consortium that has put
up a business proposal to build Australia's first nuclear reactor.
2007-076 8Feb07  Australian economy as a plane.
Contrasting performances of the mining and manufacturing sectors.
2007-03916  16Jan07  Petrol price not too high.
Complaints that petrol companies are not reducing
the price of petrol when the price of crude oil falls.