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2017-461P  Detrimental changes to colonial statues.
For article on calls to remove a colonial era statue of Captain Cook because of its failure to acknowledge the original aboriginal inhabitants.

2017-459P Church religious education pulpit.
Looks at the Government funding of religious schools.

2017-456P  Short sighted terra nullius.
Captain Cook statue plaque that fails to acknowledge the original aboriginal inhabitants reignites the "terra nullius" debate.

2017-455P  The marriage equality debate platform.
For article on the lead up to the marriage equality postal vote (Australia).

2017-454P  Burqa photography.
Drawn for article on burqa photography exhibition at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

2017-452P  Religious freedom explained.
On the argument that same sex marriage will impinge on "religious freedom".

2017-449P  Pigs love federal politics.
On dirty politics in Federal parliament over the duel citizenship status of some politicians.

2017-445P  Different perspectives on Melbourne's liveability.
On report claiming Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world.

2017-444P  New Zealand the land of the long black cloud.
On Barnaby Joyce’s dual New Zealand citizenship furore.

2017-441P  The Commonwealth Bank climate policy.
On the Commonwealth Bank’s failure to come up with an effective climate policy.

2017-438P  Turnbull backs Trump.
On Malcolm Turnbull backing Trump’s threat of war on North Korea.

2017-436P  Cry Havoc let slip the dogs of postal vote war.
For article on the expected divisive and dirty campaigns in the lead up to the postal vote on marriage equality.

2017-435  Energy policy uncertainty.
Feature version of an earlier pocket cartoon on excessive profits in the energy industry.

2017-428P  Not like 1984.
On public servants being warned against liking anti-government social media posts.

2017-425P  Trump-Turnbull refugee swap conversation.
Surmising  on Trump’s conversation with Malcolm Turnbull over the planned refugee swap deal.

2017-421P  The Coalitions bipartisan energy policy explained.
On the Coalition's call for a bipartisan energy policy.