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2019-345P  Sugar intake symbols.
Went with article about plans for sugar content food labelling system using teaspoons of sugar symbols to indicate how much sugar the product contains.

2019-344P  New estate football oval.
Went with article on the lack of parkland in new estates.

2019-332P Which battle did you fight in.
Went with article commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.  The article also looked at PTSD amongst Vietnam vets.

2019-328P  Political response to democratic decay.
Drawn in response to Banking royal commissioner Kenneth Hayne delivering a scathing judgement on the “democratic decay” in Australia.

2019-326  Towards infinity.
The Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) Towards Zero campaign seemingly an abject failure in the wake of the rapidly rising road toll.

2019-325  Treating mass shooting in the US as exclusively a mental illness problem.
Mass shootings in the US more to do with lax gun laws than the mental state of the shooters.

2019-318  The war on waste.
Australia losing the war on waste.

2019-316  Newstart allowance expressed as flight.
Unemployed people unable to live on the Newstart allowance.

2019-313P  Gambling figures.
Went with article on the release of the latest gambling figures which showed a rise in the amount people are spending on the pokies.

2019-310  Boris dancing.
Boris Johnson now leading the Brexit charge.

2019-314  Modern day Titanic.
Looming recycling materials glut, largely due to a failure of policy.

2019-299  Men talking about suicide.
Men are often reluctant to seek help when they feel suicidal or even to talk about.

2019-296  I'd hate to see how they treat their own planet!
Using the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon as a segue into how humans treat planet earth.

2019-295P  Rural red light district.
Went with article on red warning lights on top of wind turbines to warn low flying aircraft.

2019-294  The trickle down effect.
The impact of pollution falls mainly on those that can least afford it.

2019-290P  Universal language.
Went with article about the social and cultural benefits of young people playing sport.