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Another tree down.

Went with article about the local SES (Ballarat region) being overwhelmed by calls for assitance with fallen trees as a result of cyclonic conditions.

Scott Morrison comments.

Prime minister Morrision's comments that there is no evidence that increasing carbon emissions will increase the severity of bushfires.

A child's eye view of hell.

A look at the severe NSW bushfires and conservative Christian commentary that the fires are god's judgment against homosexuals

Forces for the older generation.

Indirect comment on the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Fire danger rating sign.

The failure to acknowledge and deal with climate change.

Fighting global warming enhanced bushfires.

The Federal government’s failure to acknowledge global warming is increasing the severity and frequency of bushfires.

School detention today.

Went with article on schools banning students ordering Uber Eats.

Accidental wage theft.

On the high incidence of wage theft, many of the perpetrators when caught have claimed that it was “accidental".

Single use plastic bags.

Drawn in response to opposition to the introduction of a ban on single use plastic bans on the grounds that we can’t live without them.

Cutting green tape.

On federal environment minister Sussan Ley’s vow to reduce “green tape” in order to fast track development projects.

Demand for water.

Went with article on local water storage dams in regional Victoria having more water in them than this time last year.

The latest on political sensorship.

On newspapers across the country today (21st October) covering up their front pages with blacked-out stories to draw attention to laws eroding media freedom in Australia.

Realistic golf simulator.

Went with article on the rise in the number of golf simulation driving ranges

Fire season fuel
reduction reminder.

Went with article on the need to prepare for the fire season.

2019-406  government anti corruption gorilla.
Originally drawn in response to a failure by the City of Ballarat to recognise the corrupt activities of one of their senior staff I modified this cartoon to reflect broader corruption problems amongst governments.

2019-400P  Watering the stock in the future.
Went with article on mineral water companies buying up groundwater rights at the expense of farmers.