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Second wave options.
Coronavirus secon wave scenarios.

What did Pell know?
Went with article on the Royal Commission’s finding that Pell knew about paedophile priests in 1970s.

Testing the easing the coronavirus lockdown restrictions waters.
Donald Trump's reckless aproach to preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

2020-155P  No new coronavirus case in ages.
Debate on when to lift coronavirus social distancing restrictions.

Early back to
school crossing.
Debate on when will it be safe for children to return to school in the wake of the coronavirus.

Jumping the gun.
Debate over easing coronavirus isolation restrictions.

The family violence
black dog.
Went with an article on the psychological impact on victims of family violence.

The spirit of ANZAC today.
ANZAC Day and the coronavirus pandemic.

The state of soccer during the coronavirus pandemic.
Went with article on the negative impact the corona virus pandemic is having on soccer clubs.

Grim reaper social distancing  protest.
Protests against coronavirus pandemic social distancing restrictions.

Respecting the dead
and the living.
Went with article on the difficulties of commemorating ANZAC Day during the coronavirus lock down.

Virtual council meeting.
Went with article about local councils turning to virtual council meetings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing alternative.
Went with article on congestion in parks and on walking tracks making it difficult to comply with social distancing regulations.

Social distancing duck hunters.
Went with article on plans to allow the Victorian Duck season to go ahead despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus aware last post.

Went with article on how to commemorate ANZAC Day doing the coronavirus lockdown.

Temporary lockdown.

Concerns that social lockdown is too harsh due to the damage it is doing to the economy.