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2017-062P  I will favour both brown and black coal.
For article on the announcement of coal lobbyist Sid Marris as Malcolm Turnbull's new climate and energy adviser.

2017-059P  Common live music today.
Went with article on the decreasing number of live music venues.
2017-060P  Unsafe disposal of drugs.
Went with article on the safe disposal of unused prescription drugs.

2017-057P  Proving that it's easy to produce clean coal.
For article on the Federal government's renewed commitment to clean coal.

2017-056P  The robo-debt system didn't let down Australians.
For article critical of the Federal government's robo-debt recovery system.

2017-052P  The benefits and drawbacks of signing a free trade deal.
For article about free trade deals.

2017-051  Rising employment rates.
Higher employment statistics offset by the rising number of underemployed.

2017-049P  Trump protecting Americans.
For article on Trump's ban on Muslim immigration from predominantly Muslim countries.  Links in with the large numbers of Americans killed each year due to lax American gun laws.

2017-047P  The problem is that housing demand has exceeded supply.
For article on Malcolm Turnbull claiming the housing crisis was due to lack of supply and not negative gearing.

2017-042  No bail for repeat offenders.
Using calls to tighten bail laws to look at the antics of temperamental Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

2017-041P  More trusted then snakes and crocodiles.
For article on voter survey including a question on how trusted are politicians.

2017-038P  Male and female symbols applied to politics.
For article on Gladys Berejiklian becoming the next premier of NSW and the difficulties female politicians face in the male dominated world of politics.