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2018-540P  Views of global warming.
The Australian government underestimating the threat of global warming.

2018-538P  Definition of an economic soft landing.
On speculation about whether the real estate downturn will be an economic “soft landing”

2018-535P  Investigative journalists job loses.
Loss of investigative journalists jobs.

2018-534P Thirteenth day of Christmas...
Went with article on the amount of wrapping paper rubbish that is generated at Christmas time.

2018-532P  Naked young farmer.
Went with an article on the publication of a Young Farmers’ nude calendar.

2018-529P  We have to do something about global warming.
The fossil fuel industry's stymieing of attempts to cut carbon emissions.

2018-525P  Career paths for the young.
The future for young people if global warming is not checked.

2018-524P  Implementing the latest recycling policy.
Failure of the Liberal Party to come up with a credible policy to reduce carbon emissions.

2018-519P  Youth underemployment.
Went with article on underemployment amongst young people.

2018-521P  Why there aren't many gravity deniers.
Not believing in global warming is like not believing in gravity, it ignores the facts.

2018-518  Global warming cruises.
Cruises may not be so pleasurable if global warming continues apace.

2018-515P  Monitoring farm noise.
Went with article on more stringent monitoring of wind turbine noise.

2018-514P  Liberal Party direction.
On debate within the Liberal party after its crushing defeat in the Victorian State election.

2018-513P  The impact of global warming.
The differing impact of global warming on rich and poor.

2018-511P  When I grow up.
The reason why students are striking over climate change.

2018-509P  Liberal party broad church.
On comments by Josh Frydenberg that the Liberal party being at its best when it is a “Broad church”.

2018-505P  How to vote cards.
A voter’s view of how to vote pamphlets.