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2019-039  Australia day celebration snag.
Rising protests over celebrating Australia Day on the day colonisation of Australia began.

2019-029P  Pill testing today.
On calls to allow pill testing at concerts and festivals to reduce the risk of death from drug overdoses.

2019-028P  The Government rethinking Murray Darling environmental flows.
Environmental flows to the Murray Darling basin grossly insufficient.

2019-024P  Australia Day is a celebration of our freedom.
The Federal Government seeking to stop councils conducting citizen ceremonies on alternative dates.

2019-023P  Reading the Guinness book of records today.
Temperature records being regularly broken.

2019-019P  Consulting widely over environmental flow policy.
Environmental flow policy favouring narrow interests.

2019-015  Why do politicians use buses to campaign.
Environmental policy failures contributing to the drying of the Darling river.

2019-012  Fly fishing on the Darling.
On mass fish deaths on the Darling river due algae bloom and lack of water.

2019-008  Action on global warming applied to the Titanic.
Inaction on global warming

2019-007P  Secure Jobactive jobs.
Jobactive program not providing secure jobs for the unemployed.

2019-004P   Fraser Anning's immigration view.
Senator Fraser Anning associating himself with far right anti immigration groups.

2018-521-V  Why there aren't as many gravity deniers.
Feature cartoon version of an earlier pocket cartoon  I drew.

2018-550 Climate wars collateral damage.
The focus on carbon emission reduction targets while seeming to ignore the actual damage that is being inflicted on the environment.

2018-544P  Artificial intelligence debate.
On the 'is artificial intelligence a threat to humankind' debate.

2018-542  Green Santa.
A Christmas perspective on environmental degradation.

2018-541P  VCE perception and reality.
The pressure placed on VCE students to get a good ATAR score.