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2018-501P  Political promises recycling.
Went with article on press releases by politicians announcing funding promises that were already promised much earlier in different guise

2018-498PV  Modern definition of a wildlife corridor.
Went with article on housing developments encroaching on land reserved for wildlife corridors.

2018-497P  Media diversity in the future.
On the steady loss of media diversity.

2018-493P  Aquatic version of the Newstart allowance.
On the inadequacy of the Newstart allowance.

2018-491P  Safety regulations.
Putting the Bunnings sausage sizzle onion safety furore into perspective.

2018-490  Fire season preparation risk sign.
The lack of preparation for the fire season by so many people living in fire risk areas.

2018-488P  Restoring funding to the Foodbank.
On the reversal of the Coalition’s funding cut to Foodbank after protests against the cuts.

2018-487P  Environmental election promises.
Election promises aimed at addressing environmental problems totally inadequate when it comes to dealing with the current pace of environmental degradation.

2018-486P  The Government's definition of recycling.
On the woeful state of recycling in Australia.

2018-485P  Foodbank piggybank funding.
On the Coalition cutting funding for the Foodbank charity by $323,000 a year.

2018-483P  Abbotts idea of taking back the heart of the Liberal party.
On Tony Abbott’s campaign to take back control of the Liberal party.

2018-481PV Affordable rental today.
Went with article on the lack of affordable rental properties.

2018-479  The global warming ascent of man.
Originally draw in response to Australian students planning school strikes to protest against climate inaction but relevant worldwide.

2018-478P Centrelink playgroup.
On single parents being forced to attend activities such as playgroups or lose Centrelink payments.

2018-476P  Not a good idea to put money in an offshore island tax haven.
On tax evasion robbing the world of billions that could be used to tackle global warming.

2018-473P  It is not global warming.
On climate change sceptics downplaying the impact of global warming on the severe drought in South Eastern Australia.