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2018-192P  The culture wars eternal flame.
Support of war memorial display honouring boat turnbacks feeding the latest round of the “culture wars”.

2018-188  Different views of the overpopulation verses overconsumption debate.
On the overpopulation versus overconsumption debate.

2018-187P  Remembering the ANZACs.
Questioning the motives of the political class when it comes to commemorating ANZAC day.

2018-185P  Honest financial advice today.
Reflecting on the reputation of financial advisers.

2018-183P  We no longer have a financial problem.
On Ipswich council scrapping its waste recycling program on costs grounds.

2018-180P  Deep hip pocket mining.
On the rise of government approvals for deep sea mining operations.

2018-178P  Culturally significant sites will be protected.
On the Northern Territory government lifting the ban on gas fracking.

2018-175P  Big catches in the future.
On plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and overfishing.

2018-172P  Modern bins.
The large amount of uneaten food that is thrown out.

2018-171P  ABC content that's rising.
On the erosion of the Australian Broadcasting corporation’s independence.

2018-169P  Wages not growing.
Looks at prolonged wages stagnation.

2018-166P  Climate change winners podium.
Pocket version of the 2018-166 cartoon on the ever increasing grip of global warming.

2018-166  Climate change winners podium.
On the ever increasing grip of global warming.

2018-165P  All you can eat cruises.
On the latest live sheep trade mass deaths in transit.

2018-163P  Melbourne is a liveable city.
On Melbourne's liveable city rating.

2018-162P  Naplan testing is important.
On the usefulness of Naplan testing.