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2017-527P  Sport shouldn't be an excuse for a public holiday.
Criticism of the newly gazetted AFL Grand Final holiday on the grounds that it's only a sporting event.

2017-528P  Modern robocalls.
Spate of push polling robocalls during the marriage equality postal vote campaign.

2017-525P  Australia gas shortage.
On Australia's looming gas shortage driven by massive gas export contracts.

2017-522P  Endless supply of gas.
On Australia's Eastern states and energy shortfall with gas supple predicted to fall well short of what is needed.

2017-516P  Weather forecasting today.
On climate deniers’ attacks on the Australian Weather Bureau.

2017-513P  A sugar tax would be an unnecessary tax impost.
Malcolm Turnbull ruling out a sugar tax to curb the obesity epidemic.

2017-509P  Modern interpretation of the bible.
Attacks by church based groups on marriage equality postal survey yes voters.

2017-506P  Media diversity expressed as global warming.
Changes to media diversity laws in the face of growing dominance of online company giants like Facebook and Google.

2017-504P Creation sermon today.
For article about a church refusing to marry a heterosexual couple because the bride supported gay marriage.

2017-503P  The Government's definition of improving welfare services.
The Federal government's plan to introduce drug testing for welfare recipients.

2017-502  Delivering marriage equality postal survey material.
The rise in hate literature related to the marriage equality postal survey material.

2017-498P  Barnaby Joyce's investment mechanism
Barnaby Joyce demanding

2017-497P  The government's energy policy document.
On the Government pressuring AGL to extend the life of the Liddell power station

2017-487P  Gun control, a global perspective.
A look at the global arms industry in relation to Australia's domestic gun control laws.

2017-483P  The high court hands down its decision.
On the decision by the high court that the same sex postal vote is constitutionally valid.

2017-482  The new travel class.
Ordinary people in tough economic circumstances despite sound economic figures.