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2019-256  Great wall of China tentacle.
On China attempting to tighten its control over Hong Kong.

2019-255P  Graduation podium steps.
Went with article on too many people doing university courses, many of which offer limited employment prospects.

2019-250  Our expanding world.
The expansion of the size of TVs seemingly in tandem with the expansion of bodies.

2019-249P  Wildlife clairvoyant.
Went with article on loss of koala habitat.

2019-248  Plastic recycling numbers.
On a study claiming people could be ingesting as much as a teaspoon of micro plastic every week.

2019-245  Three percent minimum wage minus the penalty rates cut.
On the rise in the minimum wage coinciding with the cuts to penalty rates.

2019-242P  Trying to hit the zero emissions target with coal fired power.
Went with article on Victoria not on track to reach its carbon emissions reduction target.

2019-243  Shedding light on government activities in the future?
The ability of the media to report on government activities being eroded by increased Australian Federal Police powers to investigate and charge journalist who publish articles using information provided by whistleblowers.

2019-241P  Not on the computer all the time.
Went with article on teenagers spending too much time using electronic equipment.

2019-239P  Modern triage.
Went with article about training for hospital staff to detect signs of family violence.

2019-237P  The new Mount Everest.
Went with article on the mounting difficulty in disposing of used tyres.

2019-236  Selfie that's a big hit with his friends.
On the increasing number of people being killed in car accidents due to being distracted with their mobile phones.

2019-235P  The admitting the abuses of the past road to Damascus
Went with article on George Pell appealing his conviction on child sex abuse charges. 

2019-229P  Telling farmers about the water shortage.
Awareness in the city of the ramifications of the latest drought catching up to what the country has long been experiencing.

2019-228  Growth expressed as trees.
The low wages growth and the high cost of living.

2019-226  The NDIS funding process in action.
The difficulties that some disabled people are experiencing with the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

2019-225P  Football stars.
Went with article on the high concussion rate amongst AFL players.