more cartoon thumbnails

2019-279P  Road safety conference.
Went with article on the rising number of road accidents attributed to driver distraction, mostly due to people using mobile phones while driving.

2019-278P Vitruvian man, modern Vitruvian child.
Went with article on a survey that showed that Australian children are eating a lot of snack food in between meals which is part of the reason why obesity amongst children is rising.

2019-277  Ascent of Facebook comments man.
Refers to the high level of verbal abuse on Facebook.

2019-276P  There goes plastic free July!
Went with article about the plastic free July campaign that urges people to give up the use of single use plastic during the month of July.

2019-275P  Fifty years since little Timmy walked on the television.
Went with article on the fiftieth anniversary of the first man to walk on the moon.

2019-270P  Single use plastic bottles not single.
Went with article about a call to ban single use plastic drink bottles.

2019-269P  Diet options in some suburbs.
Went with article about the concentration of fast food outlets in poorer suburbs and the lack of healthy food alternatives.

2019-264P  kids flocking to basketball.
Went with article about the big rise in the number of teenagers playing basketball.  The cartoon segues into problem of the high concussion rate amongst football players.

2019-263P  Under staffed national park.
Went with article about understaffed National parks.

2019-261P  Waiter there is a fly in my soup.
For article on the rise in the number of restaurants underpaying their staff.

2019-256  Great wall of China tentacle.
On China attempting to tighten its control over Hong Kong.

2019-255P  Graduation podium steps.
Went with article on too many people doing university courses, many of which offer limited employment prospects.

2019-250  Our expanding world.
The expansion of the size of TVs seemingly in tandem with the expansion of bodies.

2019-249P  Wildlife clairvoyant.
Went with article on loss of koala habitat.

2019-248  Plastic recycling numbers.
On a study claiming people could be ingesting as much as a teaspoon of micro plastic every week.

2019-245  Three percent minimum wage minus the penalty rates cut.
On the rise in the minimum wage coinciding with the cuts to penalty rates.