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2017-582P  The high court handing down its decision.
On the High Court Federal politicians’ eligibility decision.

2017-579P  Dealing with the AWU police raid leak.
Malcolm Turnbull inadequate attempts to deal with the AWU police raid leak.

2017-575P  Wages growth, cost of living growth.
A look at stagnant wages growth despite rising cost of living.

2017-574P Adani species survival environmental award.
On a Tourism award winner in Queensland rejecting an Adani-sponsored price.

2017-573P  This is our NBN model.
Viewing the speed of the NBN as a car.

2017-571P  How fast will be the NBN.
The only thing fast about the NBN, the bill.

2017-564P  Failing the Language test, the early days.
On attempts by the Australian Govt. to tighten the English Language test to make it harder for non-English speaking migrants to apply for citizenship.

2017-563P The little red carbon emissions reduction engine.
The Government's National Energy Guarantee unlikely to fulfil its carbon reduction goal if it continues to hitch is wagon to coal.

2017-560P  Unlikely complaint about the NBN.
Mounting complaints about the National Broadband Network centring on its poor speed performance.

2017-559P  Phoenix rising from the ashes?
Will Malcolm Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee salvage his political fortunes?

2017-558P  Replacing the Clean Energy Target with the National Energy Guarantee.
Replacing the relatively simple Clean energy target with the more complex National Energy Guarantee system.

2017-556P  Broader perspective on climate change.
On NZ potato chip shortage caused by massive weather damage to the potato crop that has been blamed on climate change.

2017-555P  Electricity companies have overspent on infrastructure.
On the ACCC's report showing that over spending on infrastructure was the biggest factor behind steep electricity price increases.

2017-553P  Filming stopping sexual assault in Hollywood movie.
On the fallout from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual abuse of women over many years.

2017-549P  We are just protecting religious freedom.
Peter Dutton's comment that he will work towards protecting religious freedom after conceding that the marriage equality yes vote is likely to get up.

2017-546P  The climate science debate thus far.
The belligerent anti science stance taken by climate science sceptics.