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I am colourblind.

Racism much more prevalent in Australia than many educated Australians think.

The complete food pyramid
Drawn for article on the drought affecting NSW farmers.

Sky News balanced coverage.

On Sky News’ interview with the far-right extremist Blair Cottrell.

Why one hundred percent drought declaration is serious.

On NSW being declared 100% in drought.

This step is too high!

If we can’t do something as simple as stop using single use plastic shopping bags then we have no chance of tackling the much tougher challenges that face us if we are to avoid the looming environmental disaster.

Emissions reduction targets expressed as safety net.

The states at odds with the federal government’s weak emissions reduction target.

Democracy would be perfect if it wasn't for the voters.

On John Howard’s comment that Jacinda Ardern’s victory in the recent New Zealand election was “disappointing, unjust and unfair”.

Fairfax staff cutbacks?

Musing on possible extreme Fairfax staff cutbacks in the future.

Nine gun salute at the funeral.

The takeover of Fairfax Media by the Nine network.

2018-342P  Accessing your personal My Health Record.
Any potential privacy breaches of My Health records pail into insignificance when compared to the systematic breaches of all aspects of personal privacy currently being undertaken by companies and organisations via platforms such as Google and Facebook.

2018-341  If you are black and do the crime you do the media airtime.
The media frenzy whenever black African youths are involved in criminal activities.

2018-339P  The war on waste progress report.
Still a long way to go for victory in ‘The War on Waste’

2018-336P  The current required immigration values.
On Turnbull’s comment that Australia will consider adding a “values test” for those considering permanent residency.

Working week lengths
A different view of the four day working week debate.

Russia meddled in
the US election.

Russia, interference in the US elections and the nerve gas attack in Britain.

Dead and buried.

The looming end of single
use plastic shopping bags.