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The National Energy Guarantee that won't be open to all.

On calls for the national energy guarantee  meeting be open to all.

The ABC is too left wing.

On claims by Malcolm Turnbull that the ABC is biased towards the left of politics.

Political debate today.

Lack of serious political debate about the threat of global warming.

Society's view of men.

Looking at the definition of violence in society.

High density living today.

Rising numbers of homelessness in Australian cities.

2018-285P  Do you know how to save the Barrier reef?
On a parliamentary inquiry to examine how a $444m grant for work on the Great Barrier Reef was awarded to a small not-for-profit charity.

2018-284P  Not using the ABC as a punching bag.
On ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie’s comment that Australians do not like seeing the ABC being used as a “punching bag” by narrow political, commercial or ideological interests.

2018-281P  We won't privatise the ABC.
On assurances by the Federal government that they won’t privatise the ABC.

2018-280P  Confusing food labelling.
On the debate on whether vegetarian products should be in the meat aisle.

2018-278P  Unity over action on global warming.
The lack of unity on tackling global warming.

2018-272  Coping with Robotisation.
On expected job loses with the coming age of Robotisation.

2018-274  The cost and price of compensation.
Compensation for victims of institutional child sex abuse coming too late for many victims.

2018-271P  I believe in the free market.
The dependence on government expenditure of many businesses.

018-269P  Future graduation gowns.
On University of Sydney academics signing an open letter opposing any push to introduce a western civilisation degree funded by the John Howard-backed Ramsay Centre.

2018-268P  Taking action to reduce rubbish bags.
On Australian supermarkets finally banning single use plastic carry bags.

2018-262P  The fully funded NDIS.
Questioning the level of funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.