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NATO summit thought bubbles.

On military commitment negotiations at the NATO summit.

The "workforce" today.

Low wages growth and rising cost of living forcing increasing numbers of people to work two jobs.

Choices for electricity consumers.

High electricity prices for consumers despite a big choice in electricity providers.

ABC digital platforms.
Attempts by the LNP to limit the ABC’s use of digital platforms.

Common definition of religious freedom.

People often want religious freedom, but only for their religion.

Conservatives for action on global warming.

Conservatives reluctant to abandon coal, even those who recogniser the threat global warming poses.

2018-316  Diets.
ABC funding cutbacks threatening the very survival of the ABC.
2018-347  Fairfax staff cutbacks?
Musing on possible extreme Fairfax staff cutbacks in the future.

Use of paper.

On businesses using paper instead of plastic.

Sorting option that should also be considered.

On the recycling sorting options debate.

2018-310P  Democracy according to David Leyonhjelm.
Australian politician David Leyonhjelm's misogynistic view of female politicians.

Tax options expressed
as a road.

Pointing out that tax cuts usually lead to cuts to services and infrastructure.

Cost effective way to cut the use of plastic.

On efforts to cut the use of single sue plastic.

Think carefully before giving tax cuts.

The difficulty of reimposing taxes that have been previously cut.

Pot of gold at the end
of the rainbow today.

The quest for liveable cities being stymied by our dependency on cars.

Using reusable shopping bags is a load of rubbish.

Opposition to the introduction of reusable shopping bags.

The wheels of
democracy today.

National Security legislation eroding civil liberties.