more cartoon thumbnails

The extra ball for
students to juggle.
Went with article about VCE students experiencing extra stress due to the coronavorus pandemic.

Online fishing instructions.

Went with article about online fishing lessions created by a primary school student.

Coronavirus waves.

The end of our pre-coronavirus way fo life.

Single people catching up for coffee during the coronavirus lockdown.

Went with article about it being difficult for single people to catch up with other singles during the coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus pandemic lockdown zoo funding.

Went with article about most of the funds promised to zoos to assist them financially during the coronavirus lockdown have yet to be delivered.

Virtual cycling.

Went with article on virtual cycling races being conducted during the coronavirus lockdown.

Social distancing
in the country.

Went with article about snakes being active earlier than usual this spring.

Coronavirus building blocks.
Went with article about concerns that primary school students’ educational advancement will be held back because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The work prospects
impact of coronavirus.

Went with an article on work prospects being worse for women in the wake of the coronavirus pancemic.

This is not the end.

Using a quote by Winston Churchill to reflect on the coronavirus pandemic situation.

Dangerous illnesses
for the elderly.

Went with an article on an increase of elder abuse during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Current hospitality
industry career path.

Went with article on hospitality workers leaving the industry due to lack of work opportunities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Desert Islands.

Went with an article on mental health during the coronavirus lockdown.

The pot of gold at the end
of the coronavirus rainbow.

The road to the end of the coronavirus pandemic fraught with risk.

Black red and yellow controlled by white.

Was designed to go with an article about the copyright for the Australian indigenous flag being owned by a non-indigenous company.

Coronavirus for young people.

Drawn in response to an article about young people being hit particularly hard by the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic.