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2018-237P  The tip of the iceberg.
On the damage humans inflict on the planet despite making up just .01% of all living things.

2018-233P  Fully automated board of directors.
On social impact of automation in the workforce.

2018-231P Current plan to lower carbon emissions.
On Australia’s feeble attempts to lower carbon emissions.

2018-229P  The ABC that the government would fully fund.
On further ABC funding cuts.

2018-224P  Wages growth expressed as a plant.
On wages growth being stuck at 2.1% despite forecast of higher growth rates.

2018-223P  The impact of NAPLAN testing on life outcomes.
On the relevance of NAPLAN testing.

2018-220P  Cooking with gas.
On Australia’s rising carbon emissions that are being boosted by the expansion of LNG Exports.

2018-216P  Further ABC funding cuts.
On the latest round of ABC funding cuts.

2018-215  Current food labelling laws applied to supermarket aisles.
On Australia’s current confusing food labelling laws.

2018-211P  Common pre-election sweeteners.
Tax cuts to big business.

2018-210P  The dietary guidelines Gordian knot.
On confusion over dietary guidelines.

2018-206P  Wind farm problems.
Lighter look at criticisms of wind farm.

2018-205P  What Newstart allowance recipients really live on.
On claims by MP Julia Banks that she could live on the $40 a day Newstart allowance.

2018-202P  Corporate tax cut may not happen.
On the planned corporate tax cut being in doubt.

2018-200P  Financial Sector Animal Farm.
On the Banking Royal Commission.

2018-199P  Made in China Australia recycling.
A look at Australia’s waste problem, exacerbated by china’s import ban on some recycling materials but caused by excessive